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Festival Fancy Dress And Hogsozzle Ticket Giveaway

Hey Cats,

Spring is here and summer is only just around the corner which means one thing...FESTIVALS. Ever since I was a teenager I have loved going to festivals and over the years the range in new ones has just grown so much with something for everyone. One of the things I love about hem is when everyone gets creative. You may remember when me and Mr Kaos went to Boomtown and we had a an awesome time and got dressed up every day! Fancy dress is all part of the festival fun and gives you a talking point for meeting new people. I turned to my social media and asked to see some of your festival fancy dress and the answers were great showing that plus size ladies can rock fancy dress and look killer.

First up here are a few of my own...

Here are some other fabulous babes who are rocking awesome outfits and having a killer time. Harley even bumped into Team rocket! Make sure you check out their blogs too.

Yasmin-Cherry and yours truly

A festival that really embraces the fancy dress culture is Hogsozzle! This year will be the sixth year that Hogsozzle will be running and every year it grows bigger and better. The festival takes place at the end of May 27th - 29th in Herefordshire! You can check out music and comedy acts and a whole heap of fun. You can leave your worries at the gates and immerse yourself in a creative and fun environment with like minded people. You can even take part in a huge piggy paint fight really bringing the festival to life in a cloud of colour. If you haven't heard of the madness that is Hogsozzle this is what you have been missing out on.

Hogsozzle have been kind enough to offer a chance for one of you lucky readers to win tickets to the 2016 even this May. You will win 4 tickets so you and your friends can live it up at Hogsozzle and get crazy with all the loyal Hogsozzlers.

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Good luck!

You Call That A Knife....This Is A Knife

Hey Cats,

Suckered you in with the hopes of crocodile Dundee didn't I? Well if you have been following my Instagram lately you would have seen a sea of lovely food. We are real foodies in the Kaos household and Mr K loves to cook. We get bored of eating the same thing again and again so try and get creative with our ingredients. A big part of cooking is having the right tools for the job which can make preparation so much easier. Lately we have had lots of meat dishes and a great example is when we had steak two ways. Meat can take a fair amount of prep as it needs to be trimmed and cut down especially when you work with large cuts or even joints, 

A good knife is so important when cooking steak Mr K had to prepare the steak by trimming it down to make it leaner and as we didn't have a meat tenderiser so he had to go rouge with a rolling pin to make the meat more tender. That way when coated and chicken fried it ensures that it cooks throughout. That job would have been easier with the right utensil but luckily that is a tool that can be improvised. With steak there is no getting around a good knife especially for how he next served it. 

Yes, that delicious sandwich you are looking at is a Phillie cheese steak sandwich with mustard grilled onions, Steak can be a beast to cut sometimes so a good knife is essential in any kitchen. We made sure we invested in a good one and even when a decent knife gets blunt you can sharpen it with ease and it will last you for years. Carlson Knives have an amazing selection of knives and sharpeners for all your cooking needs, If you are more adventurous and like the outdoors they also have a wide range of survival knives get ready for that zombie apocalypse.

What have you been cooking lately?

*This has been a collaboration please see disclaimer 

How To Keep Motivated To Blog!

Hey Cats,

You start the day with the best intentions but somehow you find yourself procastrinating and then zap your motivation is just gone, Before you know it one day has rolled into another and you think how am I going to get my motivation back. I always get this song stuck in my head when I feel like my motivation is lacking.

My tips for keeping that motivation flowing is make sure you have some tools to encourage your creativity so on a down day you can dip into them and your blog won't suffer.

Keep a notebook and take it everywhere with you to jot down and brainstorm ideas. I like to step away from the screen with some colourful pens to lift my mood and think of some new ideas. I am currently using a big study notebook which I am adapting into a bullet journal to plan lots of awesome content. More about bullet journals to come on the blog but I also like to keep a mini pad in my handbag for quick ideas on the go. You don't need a fancy notebook you can so just as good a job with a pen and paper.

One of the best things about blogging is there is so much variation and different bloggers that you can read so much amazing content. I find by joining blogger groups and reading other blogs I get really excited seeing other people share great content that my ideas start flooding back. Be careful not to compare your own blog to others and stay true to what you know because it really shows when you write about things you genuinely love.

While you're out there reading other blogs you can find other like minded bloggers to join forces for challenges. Challenges range from simple tag posts where your reader can get to know more about you,to fashion ideas that will push you out of your comfort zones. Just like the Alternative curves challenges I loved being a part of. This is also a great way to find new readers and introduce your readers to some other awesome bloggers. 

Don't just settle for reading other blogs get to events and meet other bloggers too. I have been blessed to meet some amazing ladies who are now my dearest friends and you can always blog about the fun you have on your meet ups. We all love a good tale from the dressing room and what you had for dinner...humans are nosey and that's why blogs and magazines are so damn popular.

Ultimately though at the end of the day if you're struggling take a break a breather can be important and your loyal readers may miss you but I promise you they will stick around! Then when you get your mojo back schedule posts into your drafts for those next rainy days.

#FridayFright - The Woman Film Review

Hey Fiends,

Time to grab a gruesome bowl of treats and kick back with another horrifying flick.

If you haven't already joined the fun on Facebook Mr Kaos has a fright club you can all be a part of at Foxys Fright Club. Come and talk horror, share theories and find new films to watch with us. New films are posted daily! 

Sometimes a sequel outshines the original and just stands alone making a statement. The Woman for me was one of those films. Following on from Offspring where a savage clan hidden in a cave steal local babies and kill off the town The Woman definitely flips who the savages really are.

Based on books by Jack Ketchum and released as part of the Bloody Disgusting Selects. Unlike most follow ups you don't have to worry about watching Offspring first and in fact it gives it a whole new dimension if you look at it without theorising them together, A middle class white suburban family man hides a dark secret. Literally keeping a woman chained up in the bid to reform her to the ways of what he deems to be the correct values in this modern day.

A huge theme for the film is control and submission not just between 'the woman' and the father (Chris) but also on the control Chris has over his whole family dynamic. There is a clear divide in this family for a man and a woman's place which has lead to many suggesting the film has feminist undertones. If every time a woman stands up for herself it makes her a feminist then sure I can agree with that but personally don't think it will be shown at any women's rights rally's any time soon.

The story is much darker than a kidnapping with a family that has its own worries to deal with before trying to reform a 'savage' woman. These darker secrets unravel through the film making you question those who seem to live an all American perfect life. 

A dark, twisted tale that will have you squirming and just waiting to see if she breaks free. A 7/10 from us over at Foxys fright club!

What did you think of The Woman?


Self Care And Well Being ft Resmed S+ Review

Hey Cats,

We often preach about how other people should remember they are beautiful, spend time lifting others and working out bums off to obtain our goals and amongst all of this we neglect the most important thing in self care....sleep. How many times have you stayed up late or gone to work on only a few hours sleep? Did you realise that by depriving yourself of sleep you are impacting your own well being? Lets talk about sleep!

Everyone knows that ideally we need about 8 hours sleep a night. There are three main stages of sleep that are all vital for our health in different ways.

Light sleep is the stage in which you can be easily awoke. Your muscles start to relax and it is in this stage of sleep that your body works to improve your muscle memory. Often in this stage of sleep is when you get that sense of falling because your muscles are relaxing and may contract a little.

Deep Sleep leads on from there which is where your body works to improve your immune system and repair any damages. Which is why when your ill all you want to do is sleep because your body wants to work to get you better. In this stage movement stops and brain waves become much lower.

REM is the stage in which your body is working on your brain helping improve your memory and brain activity.

Knowing that your body needs these vital stages of sleep to help repair your body and build memory as well as recharge you for the next day it is no wonder that lack of sleep can really impact your mental health.

Resmed have worked to build an aid that can help combat sleeping problems and help you understand your own sleep more check out my review here.

Do you get enough sleep?

*Item gifted to review but all opinions are my own 

Mr Singh's Vegetarian/Vegan Pizza Birmingham Review

Hey Foodies,

Recently I met up with my wifey and she took me out for dinner as a Birthday treat because she is super awesome. You should check out her Veggie/Vegan family blog. We decided to go get pizza at a place that Cherry had been to lots of times before. Mr Singh's has two locations in Birmingham one in Oldbury and one in Handsworth as we wanted to dine in we decided to check out the Handsworth Wood restaurant.

Mr Singh's is a family run Vegetarian Pizza place serving delicious pizzas and deserts to the community. The aim of the restaurant is to create a family friendly environment where people can come and enjoy delicious food without the cruelty to animals. The menu is so vast that even if you are a meat eater you will not be disappointed with the choices available with vegan options this restaurant is very popular.

We went in the day time so there were lots of seats but also lots of people coming and going Cherry says that in the evenings sometimes it is so full she gets take out to enjoy at home instead, so make sure you go at the right time to get a good seat. The decor is simplistic but welcoming with really friendly staff and such an eclectic range of customers. Very family friendly without being loud and annoying.

The menu has a range of more interesting toppings such as tandoori veggie chicken or classics like veggie pepperoni! Using top faux meats with over half the menu being vegan friendly. I went for a spicy paneer pizza which had seasoned paneer and jalapeƱos with an array of lovely vegetables, Cherry had the vegetarian chicken. Both looked and tasted delicious and I even brought half home for Mr Kaos who enjoyed it just as much as me, The prices are really reasonable just like any other pizza place and they are also available for take away. If pizza isn't you're thing you can grab a burger with up to eight different options.

As always when we meet up any excuse to chat for longer we will take it especially when this comes in the form of desert, There is always room for desert the only downer is there was some kind of mistake and we were left waiting for some time but the staff were very apologetic and quickly sorted this out for us, Cherry had churros and a chocolate sauce they looked so yummy and my eyes nearly popped out when I saw my h8uge waffle, The size of a plate coated in Ferrero Rocher, cream, chocolate ice cream and topped with another Ferrero Rocher. I didn't manage all of it and a week later I was still thinking about how delicious it was and if you are local worth popping in even if it is just for desert,

Another lovely Birmingham restaurant that is worth checking out for pizza with a difference, Have you visited Mr Singh's before?