February Favourites 2016

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Feb Blogger #PSOOTD Inspiration

Hey Fashionistas,

This month has been full of amazing outfits yet again. The plus size community is becoming so much more diverse with its style with more brands upping their game and size range which means bloggers are getting even more creative with their styling,

A vision in pastel this cupcake has a wardrobe of baby links, lilacs and cute accessories. This adorable outfit is so cute I really dig the dolly shoes and lilac tights. The little milk bag compliments the look and the jumper and skirt combo make a statement will still looking so snug and comfortable! 

Big Hips And Red Lips brings us a rockabilly inspired outfit with tube skirt and matching belt bringing a pop of colour to match her lipstick. Always a fan of frilly socks and cute shoes together this outfit caught my eye! She is rocking that vbo with pride and sass.

Danielle does it again a real style guru. This moon and stars print screams invite me to your classy coven. The long flowing maxi style gives a carefree boho style to a dark look. Looks great with a simple black jacket. I need some moon print in my life! 

Y'all know I love a tutu and my fellow Kitty looks awesome in this bright blue one with matching flower crown. A cute feminine look teamed with a fistful of edge from the denim jacket and big boots. I would be rocking boots like this with a tutu too so this gets a big thumbs up from me. 

For all the people that think pinafores are just for school discos check out this classy look. Zoe has paired this mustard pussy bow shirt perfectly with this pinafore making this playful outfit a bit more classy and work ready, The warmth of the mustard shirt really makes this for me. 

What do you think of these outfits? What have you been wearing?

Upcycled Welsh Dresser

Hey Creatives,

Recently I shared Mama Kaos' new talent! She actually sold the sideboard and the lady loves it so much!! When she saw this beautiful Welsh dresser she just had to have it. 

Although a beautiful piece of furniture in excellent condition it needed a bit of tender love and care to bring it into the modern household. Mama K likes to take this as a challenge and let her creativity flow.

Mama Kaos puts so much attention and love into each of these pieces. I asked her about the process it gets sanded down, cleaned up and any broken hinges or knobs get replaced. Then it all has to be treated to keep the wood in good condition before painting. This was going to be duck egg blue but white seemed so much more fitting for this vintage piece. 

As a perfectionist Mama K makes sure she gives the dresser plenty of coats of paint before wax sealing to help prevent any damages. The finished product is stunning and so much lighter. Look how beautifully she dressed it for sale.

What do you think of the end result?

Rebel Wilson & Torrid Clothing Line First Impressions

Hey Rebel Grrrls,

Rebel Wilson took the comedy world by storm and won everyone over with her don't give a damn unapologetic fat awesomeness, She has worn what she likes and worked it all around Hollywood, Living up to her name and giving so many women a high 5 they have been looking for, Here are 5 times she looked killer and caught the worlds eye.

It came as no surprise when Torrid announced they would be working with Rebel on a clothing line which is now live on their site. As Torrid is a US store these items are only available on that side of the world but since when have we let that stop us? In total there are 21 items ranging from dresses, jackets, tops and skirts. I have picked out a few of my favourites to share with you.

I am really feeling the spring vibe from this really pretty powder blue skater dress which has super cute lace style detailing. Teamed with the white faux leather jacket this would make the perfect daytime Spring outfit.

I grew up on country so am a sucker for a bit of denim and I really feel like this outfit has a real country girl feel to it. I can wear white skirts but I dig this combo and like the shape.

Skinny jeans are a staple in most girls wardrobes and if you haven't snagged yourself a pair yet then get to it. Grays are really coming in this season and I think they go lovely with blues and whites for spring time.

Out of all the line my favourite has to be this skirt and crop top combo. Really cute heart pattern detailing and it looks super comfy and wearable. 

Over all the rebel Wilson line is very feminine and pretty playing with different shapes. I do think it almost is still a little too safe but I could see Rebel wearing these items which when a celebrity endorses something you really sang to have a taste of their style in the line. I look forward to seeing if there will be another range which hopefully will be a bit more daring.

What do you think of the new Rebel Wilson clothing collaboration with Torrid? 


What do you think of the Rebel Wilson collection?

5 Things To Do Before Going Abroad

Hey Jet setters,

In my last job I was always off somewhere new and it meant always having a little check list ready to make sure everything was done before I went away. I thought I would share with you 5 things I like to do before I go abroad to make the trip easier.

1. Check Passport and Important Documents

This one may sound obvious but how many times have you put your passport 'Somewhere safe' and then just forgotten where it is completely? Also check those important dates to make sure you are still within your required time, Some countries want you to have at least 6 weeks on your passport to be on the safe side. Also remember to check to see if you need any Visas before entering your destination because for places like Sri Lanka you will have to send these off long before your holiday. I like to get all my important documents together so I can get to them easily but they are still safely tucked away.

2. Get Money Changed

Once you know where you will be off to keep an eye on the exchange rates and get your money changed over. Although you can change your money at the airport or even in the country it is a lot less hassle to do if before. To make it easier to save I get batches changed because if it's not in pounds I can't spend it right? Always compare the exchange rates of different places first to make sure you get the best deal.

3. Book Airport Parking

Sure getting a taxi to and from seems like a great idea but there is always so much waiting around when you can just leave your car at the airport. Airport parking has improved dramatically over the years and can now be done at the click of a bntton, You can even arrange a meet and greet at the airport booking online makes it easier on the day and can end up saving you money too! It will be so much simpler to get home and it is secure as there is always CCTV and people looking after your car while you relax. 

4. Make Sure Pets And Home Are Safe

Ask a family friend or neighbour if they can check in to water the plants and make sure the house is safe. My Mama pops round to mine to turn lights on and off, water plants and if I'm lucky tidy up ha ha. Burglaries are common when it is obvious someone is away so having a house sitter is so important. Pet sitters are just as important you can use kennels but if someone can take your pets whole your away even better. Don't wait until last minute remember your pets will miss you too.

5. Travel Insurance

Lots of people under estimate the importance of taking out travel insurance before they go away. Taking that risk can end up costing you more in the long run, If you get ill on holiday and need to go to hospital or lose your luggage the right travel insurance will have you covered, Thankfully when I took a group of young people abroad we had insurance as one of them ended up burning themselves and having to go to hospital which would have cost us a lot of money but with insurance we were fine!

What do you always have to do before you go abroad?

Willow jewellery- Spotlight on Independent creatives

Hey Cats,

Over on YouTube today I did an unboxing  of some lovely items from a new independent brand. Today the spotlight is on Willow a beautiful handmade jewellery maker. Watch me unbox the items here.

Willow is a very small independent brand ran by the lovely Natasha. Inspired by her family before her she wanted to create a business and named the brand after the home her grandmother grew up in. While at university Natasha learnt about ancient magic and wanted to encompass that in a jewellery range. Inspired by the moon goddess Hekate the dark collections range was created. I was lucky enough to be sent 3 items from the range. 

All this beautiful jewellery is hand made by Natasha herself using black polmer clay adding touches of glamour with sprinkles of gold detailing. The most interesting thing about handmade goodies like these is each item will be slightly different giving it that special feeling, You can customise pieces too choosing to have a matte black, shimmer glaze or gold leafing to any of the designs available, 

My favourite of the pieces is this crescent moon necklace, Mine is a matt black with a lovely gold chain. I love the simplicity of this piece and how pretty the gold looks with the black. This comes in small or large and this small version is named Circle, Named after Circle from Greek mythology a goddess of magic who knew how to use herbs and potions and a wand to turn her enemies into animals. 

These beautiful triangle drop earrings arrived with gold tips making them really pretty to look at. This piece is inspired by Angele De Le Barthe a noblewoman who was said to have birthed the son of the devil, The tale goes that he was half man and half wolf snake feeding on babies. I imagine a noblewoman such as Angele would have loved the gold tips on these earrings,

The last piece was a beautiful gold shimmer triangle brooch. Bridget Bishop was the first woman in Salem back in 1692 to be executed as part of the witch trials, All these pieces are beautifully made and hold their own magic within them, Knowing they were inspired by goddess', mythical stories and true witches makes them all that much more special, You can even join the coven to get some discounts and special deals on the available range, I know I will be getting some more from this talented lady,

Please do go check out the rest of the range over on the website and let me know which your favourite piece was...

*Please see Disclaimer in relation to collaborative posts

Must Remember That

Hey Cats,

One thing I wanted to do this year was get organised this has meant researching into planners and bullet journalling but right now it is a nightmare trying to remember everything. I am the worst for forgetting appointments, birthdays and to pick up the milk from the shop unless I write it down somehow. Then I heard about Must Remember That!

Must Remember That is a new app which can help you get organised, remember big events or even those little things you keep forgetting to do. The software is really easy to use and can really make a difference to your daily life with bills getting paid on time and not to mention remembering your boss's birthday could score you some brownie points.

If you're not the only one in your family and friends who needs prompts then there is even a group feature so you can get organised together and give those little nudges when needed...like when your birthday is coming up! 

The app was designed by two working dads who wanted to get their football team organised while juggling a busy home life. So they put their heads together and created Must Remember That. The best thing about the app is that it is free and easy to use. I will be using this along side a bullet journal to help get me motivated to get tasks done! 

How do you stay organised? 

Beth Ditto Is Back - Clothing Line Launch

Hey Grrrls, 

It is here! The brand new Beth Ditto clothing line just dropped and it is fierce! When I heard that Beth was launching a new clothing line with a whole lot more creative freedom I lost my shit! I loved the range Ditto collaborated with Evans on a few years back and still rock my denim skirt and domino leggings with pride. I am still on the eternal hunt for the gorgeous spiderweb jumper. However this time Ditto stepped away from the high street to have more freedom to get crazy with the designs and it paid off. 

I genuinely love every item which is rare for me but out of all staggering 21 items there isn't one that I was disappointed with. Bold prints, varying cuts and a mix of classic designs. Here are just a few of my favourites. For the full range go check out the website where you can buy right now! 

Usually I see a white dress and walk the other way but this screams Chanel influence to me. The classy simple cut is so elegant and the collar is just darling. 

Check out this vibrant in your face print. The opposite of hiding away that so many plus size outfits in the past have encouraged. This print is available on a dress, leggings and a top. So you have no excuse not to rock this. 

This jumpsuit sums up Dittos style to me I could just see her wearing this to a chic fashion show. Now you can get yourself a slice of that style. Fuck flattering cuts this is divine and fierce. 

This retro print has a real flash of the 60: and 70s about it. This oversize shirt would make you feel elegant and cute teamed with skinny jeans and a carefree attitude. This print is available in a killer dress too. 

You know I love a denim jacket and this vintage style Young Americans jacket brings a real flash of colour and beautiful art with it.

If you go over to the look book you can expect to see curvy models including Beth herself. Go forth and buy! If you aren't familiar with Beth Ditto I wrote all about her in my Inspirational women series so check it out. 

All in it is a killer range which rocks my fashion world. You did it again Ms Ditto thank you! 

What do you think of the new range? 

Galentines Loveswap Unboxing

Hey Cats,

Some super babes got together to do a lovely galentines swap and I made an unboxing of what I got yay,,,,

What do you think of this lovely swap?

Bring Out The Pin Up Vixen In You!

Hey Cats,

I am always preaching about body positivity and putting yourself outside of your comfort zone and today I am practising what I preach to show you that loving yourself is the most important thing. Valentines seemed so appropriate to talk to you about channelling your inner vixen. What caused this inspiration? The amazing Jen Oakes put together the most perfect calendar of babes. Simply be contacted me and set me the challenge and I gladly accepted. Here are some of my favourites from the Oakes calendar.

Being in touch with your diva sexual side is so important when it comes to self confidence and body positivity. The sexiest thing on anyone is confidence and loving the skin they are in and one way to really find that is through underwear! Simply be put together their own list of tips which you can check out here . First on my list for becoming a pin up vixen is doll yourself up with your favourite make up. Rock those vibrant lips and smokey eyes. I even added a little sparkle with these cat ears meow!

I am all about leopard print it makes me feel like a sexual queen so I chose this amazing Kimono from Simply be to bring out my diva side. Feeling sexy isn't about pleasing other people it is about pleasing you making yourself feel amazing and if that means parading round the house in underwear until you start to appreciate and know your lumps and bumps more do it! Get to know your body and you will be surprised how much your confidence will grow.

This sheer teddy and high waisted panties are a must if you don't want to go the whole hog and get naked. They add sass and a cheeky peep while helping you feel covered at the same time, I teamed them with some suspender style tights and got posing in my favourite pin up poses. 

Most important thing to rock for any pin up vixen is a smile! get sassy and work it by all means but smiles look beautiful on anyone. You can find all these lovely items on Simply be.

How do you become a pin up vixen?

*This was a post in collaboration with Simply Be but all thoughts and opinions were my own

10 Cheap But Cute Things To Do On Valentines Day

Hey Lovecats,

Love is in the air but if you are like me right now cash isn't rolling in your favour. Love doesn't need money though so I wanted to give you a few ideas of different things you can do this Valentines day to show the person you love how special they are without spending a fortune. If you are not in a relationship grab a friend, treat your mom or even better do something special for you! Love comes in more forms than just the romantic kind the most important thing is letting people know how you feel.

Have A Picnic

You don't have to go crazy buying lots of different food and drink just keep it simple. You can have a picnic anywhere from somewhere special to you, a local park or even right in your front room. I surprised Mr Kaos with an indoor picnic last valentines. The weather was awful outside and we live in a flat with no garden so I improvised pulled out the fluffy throw, scattered love hearts around, put food on heart plates and we simply had wine, cheese and crackers. We put on a playlist because we have a cheesy playlist of our love and just really enjoyed each others company. 

Make Something 

We are a suckers for doing a bit of craft in our household. We have decided to make each others valentines cards this year. We stay in the same room and it gets silly and competitive trying to hide your magical creation. Trust me we never come out with masterpieces but half the fun is making something and it makes it all that more special. If cards aren't your thing bake a cake together, draw each other or write a love letter. 

Have A Movie Day/Night 

Pick out some films together or share your favourite films with each other. If like me and my boo you share a love for horror choose the funniest cheesiest films you can. Shove popcorn in each others faces and cosy up together. If you have kids and you want them to join in why not show them films you loved when you were little. Pizza should always go with films and we like to let the little one pick toppings for the pizza. Nachos and cocktails go perfectly with film sessions too. 


You can do this together or even take turns with courses of the meal. If you choose together go shopping to choose food with each other set a budget and get creative! If your partner always cooks then maybe take on the task this time even if you just pick up one of the supermarket deals. All the big chains have meal deals on offer which have 3 courses and wine you can just put it in the oven and spend the time lighting candles and dressing up. 

Pamper Each Other 

If you're lucky enough to have a big enough bath have a bubble bath together. If not just really spend some time pampering each other. Give your partner a massage, don't be scared to give it a go if you never have they will just love having you touch them and paying attention to them.

Go For A Walk And Explore 

Go somewhere pretty and have a walk together you could even bring a picnic and make a day of it. Explore a new park you haven't been to, walk round a the city holding hands and if you want to be super romantic find a spot where you can take in the sunset together. Here in Birmingham we have the Brumset craze taking over enjoying the sunset over the Birmingham skyline. 

Have A Mini Party For Yourself 

Do all the things you would for a big party. Get dolled up in your best clothes and just get a few drinks in. Make a playlist before so you can dance together  and steal a smooch on your home made dance floor. You can even create a cocktail together and order out for food at the end of the night. 

Recreate Your First Date 

If on your first date you did something expensive just create a played down version. Visit the bar you first went to for a few drinks or in our case we had tea in a coffee shop and talked forever we still giggle over how nervous we were and I blush over how awesome a time we had. You can easily recreate that by making a little coffee shop at home and walking down memory lane together. 

Create A Scavenger Hunt 
If I have learnt anything from wreck it journals it's how fun scavenger hunts can be. There doesn't even need to be a prize but added bonus of there is. I find the best Scavenger hunts are lists of things that are already out there. You could go into the city centre with a list of things you need to find
 just for the fun of it. There are even apps created for this kind of things like geocaching. 

Stay In Bed 

Chuck out the technology grab a bottle of wine and just spend that time just the two of you. Wouldn't suggest this one with your mom ;) 

What are you doing this Valentines?