The Revenant Review

Hey Film Fanatics,

This weekend has been about grabbing some popcorn, nachos and an ice blast to settle in front of the big screen to finally see The Revenant. If you are planning to go swoon over Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hardy I suggest you prepare to shed tears for a bleak tale that will make you do anything but drool seeing these guys do what they do best and act their asses off.

A harrowing tale based on true events in 1823 when a team go exploring in the harsh wilderness to bring home hides to sell to feed their families, Attacked and having to abandon the mission to head back to home Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) leads the troop forward with a bickering John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Glass scouts ahead only to be attacked by a bear. The attack is such a brutal scene which had me squirming in my seat almost certain he wouldn't make it out the other side feeling the weight of the paws with every blow. When the group finally find Glass he is close to death and after struggling to move forward he is left in the hands of Fitzgerald who leaves him to die.

The end ... come on really? did you really think they would kill off Glass so quickly? What follows is a tough tale of struggle, heartache and determination of a man with nothing left to lose. If DiCaprio doesn't finally get to dust off his Oscar speech for this one they truly are fixed. Saying so much without even saying a word you will be wiping those tears away so bring tissues. Set in beautifully haunting vast landscapes of harsh snow covered wilderness the story is warmed up with touches of humanity found in an unexpected comrade. Prepare to be constantly plunged back into the cold with Glass along the way.

John Fitzgerald is a harsh man but shares one thing with Glass left with nothing and alone in the world but taking the wrong path showing the opposite of everything that is good in Glass, A strong character non the less you will find yourself routing against, The story covers racism, war and betrayal with an overall sombre tone as bleak as the backdrop a tragic and heartbreaking tale that will play with your emotions but well worth the roller coaster ride,

Have you seen The Revenant yet?

January Favourites Beauty, TV series and clothes

January Blogger #PSOOTD inspiration

Hey Cats,

Time to round up of some of my favourite outfits from bloggers this month.

Garnier Style is always brimming with amazing fashion choices but this month this gorgeous purple check dress really caught my eye! I love the cut and length, with a popped collar give that chic a bit of edge. It looks so classy and comfortable,

Margie from Margie Plus is just slaying it in this 80s inspired outfit. I feel like she should be singing along to salt and pepper but hello look at those pins! Making a simple outfit look very cool I am digging this urban look,. 

We all gasped with excitement when Beth Ditto unveiled the collaborative Tshirt with John Paul Gautier and Fat Girl Flight is doing it some major justice! Those tights, that jacket and even in the snow showing you can look fierce in all weather conditions, I wish I could nab myself one of these Tshirt dresses they are divine,

Curve Creation Closet is rocking super adorable vintage polka dots with this little dress, I really dig her vintage radio brooch too! I only just discovered this ladies blog but she looks like a vintage movie star for sure, 

A little closer to home is the beautiful Callie of From The Corners Of The Curve  . This lady always looks amazing and is one of my go to favourite Plus bloggers. This is the best I have seen this skirt styled yet! 

Have you seen any outfit inspirations this month?

Read With Kitty - Invisible Monsters By Chuck Palahniuk

Hey Bookworms,

If you follow me on Instagram you will often see me sharing my current read. Sometimes old and sometimes new but one of my favourite things is to have my nose in a book getting lost in another world. I love the Good Reads app because you get to see what lots of other people are reading and find new books. 

I'm sure by now even if you haven't read any of his work you will be aware of Chuck Palahniuk. Famous for twisted tales like Fight Club and The Haunted, Palahniuk isn't for the faint hearted. 
They say don't judge a book by its cover but I have to admit upon reading the blurb about models and accidents I rolled my eyes and put it aside until I was told by a reliable source that I needed to give it a chance. Considering it was released in 1999 I really took my time. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. 

I was worried I wouldn't be able to connect with the model lead but she was so much more than a model more of a bitter ball of a statement of societies obsession with beauty and strive for attention. Our narrator doesn't like to give a lot away so prepare for the casually dropped bombshells here and there. The story isn't exactly linear, jumping to and from the present, the future and the past. For me the style of writing helps keep the first person perspective interesting and those pages turning. 

Of all the characters though Miss Queen supreme Brandy makes the book for me. So much so I would love to hear more from this character and her adventures so please Mr P revisit this diva and let her shine. Full of love and confusion you feel like Brandy takes you into a warm embrace in her surgically enhance bosom, She comes with a whole host of her own problems but there is something endearing about her. Without Brandy the book would be nothing. 

From the get go the story is traumatic when you hear in detail about an accident which lead to our ever renamed protagonist missing her jaw, a tongue hanging slack underneath the veils she hides from the world in whilst in full view. Invisible and in clear view at the same time again touching on how shallow society can be, The book touches on some very interesting topics like homophobia, people jumping onto band waggons and gay rights. There is so many more important aspects which I can't discuss without spoiling the book for you but please do message me for a gossip if you have read the book. 

Give this book a chance or even a re-read if you have already and join the wild adventure. Prepare to feel empowered, disgusted and amused all at the same time. 

Have you read this book already? What did you think? 

Straight Outta Compton

Hey Cats,

If like me you grew up in the 80s and 90s then whether you knew it or not you were in the golden age of hip hop. A time when things really started to change and the reality of struggles people  were facing were brought into the mainstream. When I heard there was going to be a film based around NWA my thoughts were 'Damn! It's about time'.

Even if you don't follow hip hop this is a biographical drama that shouldn't be missed. Already nominated for numerous awards a true story about heartache and the rise of the underdog from the streets to the stage. The film takes it's name from NWA's debut album representing Compton California where these young men grew up in neighbourhoods where police stopped you in the street because of the colour of your skin. Something that sadly still goes on to this day and the film highlights how unjustified these actions are,  Capturing the anger and frustration that became the world wide hit 'Fuck The Police'. 

There is drama and suspense when we are given insight into the corruption that can come from record companies and managers and we see this causing rifts between the members of NWA. Bold moves are taken, friendships rocked and if you have never listened to any of their music the story alone will keep you hooked. Even though I followed hip hop growing up I learnt so much I didn't know particularly about Ice Cube.

The only downfall to the film is we didn't hear enough from everyone in NWA the prime focus seemed to play around Ice Cube, Dr Dre and Easy E and we were barely introduced to the other members of NWA.

Music fan or not give this film a watch it is a must see and well worth the 2 and a half hour run time, Kick back with some pizza like I did and grab a slice of history. 

Did you see Straight Outta Compton? What did you think?

Kitty Interviews Body Positive Artist Murder Of Goths

Hey Cats,

Today I want to introduce a new feature on the blog Kitty Interviews where I seek out fun and interesting people and find out more about them so we can discover together, Who better to start the series than the talented body positive artist Murder Of Goths.

1. When did you first discover you had a passion for art?

I've loved art as far back as I can remember, I was always happiest sat on my own with some paper and coloured pencils. I had a brilliant teacher in primary school who realised that art was a good way to help my self confidence (I was painfully shy) and between the encouragement from her and my parents a life long love for art was built. I'm still in contact with that teacher now because of the impact she had. 

2.You seem to have a knack with computers and working digitally do you dabble in any other mediums?

I used to love drawing in all the traditional media (ink, pencil, charcoal), but I get such pain from my joints, especially my wrists, that I just can't manage it anymore. I also have a lot of love for photography, though again the joint pain discourages me from using my old dSLR so much. I keep meaning to dust it off again for the blog though, so maybe that'll be something to do in 2016.

3. Are there any artists that you find inspirational?

So so many! A big one for me is Frida Kahlo, despite the immense pain she was in, she still painted. She used her art to express her pain (physical and mental), and that is such a powerful thing. I try to remember that when I'm struggling to do much.Then there are the other contemporary but not famous - though they should be - people like Melly Em Clark (@mellyemclark), Charlotte Thompson (@charlotteart - who probably won't remember, but she used to give me some lovely feedback back when I used to use DeviantArt and we were both young), Curvy Sketches (@curvysketches) and Wilful Ink (@wilfulink).

4. Last year your work was featured in some fantastic places. what would you say your biggest achievement was and how did it make you feel?

Last year was amazing! Biggest achievement, honestly it's hard to choose, I was blown away by being asked by both BGP Magazine and VolUp2 to submit art to them, and the BGP Magazine article had me walking on air for at least a week afterwards! But every mention and compliment has meant so much to me, whether it's other bloggers using my art on their profiles, writing posts on my artwork, or just sharing it with their followers. I never expected any of this!

5.As a body positive artist do you have any tools for empowerment on a bad day?

Tough one, actually going through a rough patch right now, so I guess what is keeping me going is making sure to keep looking at plus size bloggers and reminding myself that if I can see the beauty and spirit in them, then it's there in me too. 

6. If you could invite 3 famous alive or passed women out for an evening who would they be, why,  and what would you do?

Frida Kahlo is an obvious one, Margaret Atwood and Joanne Harris. I'd love to sit around and set the world to rights with them. I would definitely feel like the least intelligent one in the room, but the conversation would be fascinating.

7. How does your blog fit in with your art work?

My blog is a mix of plus size fashion, feminism, disability stuff and basically anything else that I feel like writing. I feel like drawing plus size women in a way that isn't all about their size is actually fairly unusual still, in mainstream media you struggle to find many examples of illustrations of plus size women who aren't fetishised or comic, so it can feel like quite a political act. Plus, for me, it's a lot about celebrating and raising up other women, which is something very important to me.

8. Where would you say your fashion influences come from?

In my heart I'm still a goth, so do tend towards black or monochrome outfits, but recently I've been trying to take risks and wear things I might not normally pick. When I was younger I was all about a punkier riot grrl/deathrock inspired look, which I don't feel I have the energy for anymore, but would like to incorporate little bits of it back into my wardrobe. I'm only just coming out of my "I'm too fat to wear nice things" mindset really, so still finding my style niche. 

9. What is next for you?

I have a few plans for 2016, firstly I'm going to be starting a new series on my blog about inspirational women. It'll be a mix of writing and illustrations, and it'll be a mix of women - real, imaginary, modern, historical, famous, or not. Already got a lot of ideas of who I want to feature. I'm also intending to restart my plus size fashion illustrations, I'm widening it to include plus size models, actresses etc, but there are still a lot of bloggers I'm looking forward to featuring. And, as if that wasn't enough, I want to start a new series on body positive men. Plus I'm hoping to run The Curvee Awards again. Should be a busy year!

10. last but not least where can people buy your amazing work?

Currently I have an Etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/shop/murderofgoths) where you can commission portraits, and a Redbubble store for if you wanted some MoG art on mugs, cushions, etc. (http://www.redbubble.com/people/murderofgoths/shop)

A big thank you to Murder Of Goths for her time and sharing her work with us. What do you think of this beautiful art?

A- Z Of Inspirational Women - M Is For ....

Hey Feministas,

Lets get celebrating some amazing women again. If you missed last months post you can find out all about inspirational women bedding with L here.

Mae West

A siren of the silver screen Mae West was sassy and sexy. Mae was much more than just a pretty face, turning her talents to screenwriting, acting and singing battling the world of censorship due to her sexual writings. With avant garde attitudes towards bringing hot topics like homosexuality and female sexuality into the lime light meant that some of her plays got shut down before opening night, This didn't stop Mae she kept writing, performing and  speaking out for women and Gay rights. Her Hollywood career didn't even begin until she was almost 40 and that didn't stop her taking the rest of the world by storm becoming the second highest paid person in the US by 1935.  Next time you have a movie night grab some classics like 'She Done Him Wrong', 'I'm 'No Angel' or 'The heat's on' and watch her work some magic.

Maya Angelou

From one phenomenal woman to another Maya Angelou really had a way with words. If you have never been fortunate enough to read any of her work I urge you to pick up one of her books and get lost in and inspired by her empowering words, Maya was a wise woman who came from a background of hard work and heartache. Well traveled and living a full life fighting for civil rights which is explored through her writing. I remember the first time I read one of Angelou's poems in a noisy playground at school my mind was blown and my heart roared with inspiration her words have a way of making you feel like you can take on the world, Although she sadly passed in 2014 Maya Angelou will live on for a lifetime in her timeless books.

Marilyn Monroe

A face that anyone recognises and a woman who rose to be a huge popular icon even long after her death, Marilyn Monroe wasn't always a movie star. Coming from a broken home and married by the age of 16, Monroe worked in a factory. The rise from working class factory floor to world renowned movie star is inspirational alone. She knew what she wanted and she went for it modelling and taking small parts before striking lucky. Despite taking on many 'dumb blonde' roles Marilyn was far from stupid, speaking out for herself and writing poems in her spare time, As a suffer of anxiety Monroe wasn't afraid to seek support in a world that frowned upon the misunderstood taboo of mental health. Monroe was a big believer in equal rights speaking out in her last interview about everyone in the world no matter what faith and background being equal.

Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead rose to popularity equally for her outspoken nature and scientific abilities, An American anthropologist who wrote a total of 23 books.  Known for her work with women's rights and other hot subjects on a vast array of topics such as child rearing, sexual morality, pollution and any other corner of the world that needed a fight or a voice to be heard, A big believer if coming together to make change in the world. Inspiring women and men a like around the world to take action and help others around them.

With that I will leave you with the words of Melissa May

Who is your M inspiration?

Keep Warm With Electric Radiators From Best Electrical

Hey Cats,

I hope you haven't all turned to ice in this chilly weather. Yesterday I woke up and looked out the window to see the first snow of the year falling. I was relived when it didn't stick. I like building snowmen and making snow angels like any snow fiend but I don't like the cold it brings with it. Heating in the winter and chilly days is so important but it can also run up huge bills. Best Electrical have a come up with an solution to both of these problems,

All of Best Electrical's electric radiators use an intelligent control system which means the thermostats allow flexibility to your room temperature so you wont have the issue of being too hot or too cold, The thermostat monitors the room temperature and prevents the heater from over heating or under heating the room which also helps save on the electric it uses too! So bin that expensive storage heater and pick yourself a snazzy new radiator.

The electric radiators are reasonably priced so won't break the bank. They also come in a slimline design so take up way less room than other bulky radiators and heaters. The modern lightweight aluminium design gives flexibility to where they can be easily fitted in with any decor. They also won't distract you from your day to day activities as they are extra silent. They come with a fully digital easy to use control panel. If you would prefer to have warm towels when you get out of the bath why not try an electric towel rail instead? They are completely low maintenance all you will need to do is put them where you want them plug them in and they will be ready to start keeping you toasty warm.

Check out this video from the people themselves to see just how stylish yet efficient the heating systems Best Electrical have to offer are,

How are you keeping warm on these chilly days?

*This has been a collaborated post please see my disclaimer 

Date Night In Birmingham

Hey Cats,

All relationships old and new need a good date night as often as possible. Last week Mr Kaos and myself figured we would have an excuse to get dressed up nice and get out on the town so I thought I would share with you the places we hit up in Birmingham city centre. 

I wore my Voodoo Vixen dress which I  recently reviewed. Mr Kaos broke out a shirt and boots and we were ready to go.  One of the amazing things about living in Birmingham is that there are so many bars, pubs and eateries you can always find somewhere new to try out. Right next to the Bullring by St Martins church is a elegant little bar that we had walked passed so many times but never popped in. 

Browns has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere playing ambient jazz and hosting a grand piano. Capturing a warm intimate atmosphere despite being in the heart of the city. The staff were very friendly and instantly make you feel at home whether you are having a meal or just a quite drink. Cocktails were on our cards and although we weren't eating I did have a peek at the menu. The food seemed reasonably priced and looks delicious. I hope to go back to sample the menu very soon. 

Being the bar flies we are we wanted a quiet drink where we could have a chat and bat eyelashes at eat other. The drinks menu holds a whole host of craft beers, cocktails, wines and more. We started off with a Sharp's each, I opted for the honey spice IPA which was a sweet honey beer with a hint of black peppercorns. Mr Kaos had a dubbel coffee stout rich and dark full of coffee and chocolaty flavour. Before 7 on certain days the cocktail menu has some drinks for £5 which is a fantastic offer we couldn't pass up. Mr K went with a traditional whiskey sour with Chivas's regal whiskey lemon and a sugary rim, I however was swayed by the delicious British Royal a mix of black cow vodka, rose hip and rhubarb cordial with apple and topped up with prosseco, garnished with juicy blackberries. Over all we were rally impressed with Browns but it was time to move on music called. 

A little outside of town bordering high gate and Mosley is a cosy coffee shop turned venue called Ort cafe. You can get there by using the 50 bus at night or in the day take a stroll through Digbeth and take in the street art. I have frequented Ort before for poetry readings but never for music. At a cheap £6 to see Ben Caplan a musician Mr Kaos and myself love I couldn't believe our luck. The door prices are kept reasonable often hosting free shows. The walls are lined with local art work. A comfortable intimate venue for both drinkers and straight edge people a like you can order tea or beer with your music. We snuggled on a sofa through support acts and got up for a dance during the main act. You can catch more information about Ort and the gig in my last post. Overall we had a lovely night out and look forward to next date night.

Where do you like to go for your date nights? 

Birmingham Ort Welcomes Canada's Ben Caplan

Hey Cats,

Start the year as you mean to go on and get to more live music. Yesterday I went to my first gig of the year and what a fine show it was. If you follow me on social media you would have already caught me raving about Ben Caplan and how excited I was getting to finally see him live. I was even more stoked when I heard it would be at Ort Cafe which is such an intimate venue. By day Ort is a vegan and veggie friendly cafe and by night you can catch live music, poetry and art shows. It is almost like being in someones living room hosting small crowds of around 70 people.

It wasn't until we arrived we realised we were going to be treated to not one but two support acts. First up was the talented Taryn Kawaja along with Ben Caplan from Canada. Bringing alluringly haunting vocals that are beautiful and full of soul, Deeply poetic lyrics accompanied by pop piano it would be near impossible to ignore what an amazing performer Kawaja really is, I think we had 6 songs in total including the delicate yet dark 'How to be (Microscope)'.

It was amazing to see some homegrown music from the next support Kate Wilkins. A lovely voice and some thought provoking lyrics, I really enjoyed Dancing on the edge of blasphemy I am not sure if that was the song title or just the chorus but it was catchy and inviting.  Wilkins also brought some more piano to the evening and some acoustic percussion which added to the relaxing vibe, so much so I sank into the sofa and could almost forgive that I couldn't see from the steadily building crowd.

I somehow dragged myself up with the help of some craft beer to get in position for the eagerly awaited Ben Caplan. Even in such a small venue the man knows how to make an entrance. The music starts, the double bass strummed, the drum rumbles and the melodica set a folky tune but no Ben. Everyone watching one door when suddenly he appears through the crowd. Kicking off with 'Birds with broken wings' the biggest smile grew across my face. Taryn accompanied on the melodica and through the set brought piano, and vocals too, The chemistry, flow and all round positive vibes oozed from the whole band.

Charming and witty Ben knows how to work a crowd. In strange Birmingham style a strange old man in a huge wig interrupted his tale of the last time he was in Brum, but Ben handled him with respect and politeness eventually being awarded for this with 3 rings from the eccentric gent. I hope Caplan knows Birmingham is full of strange yet wonderful people. The interaction was amazing getting the crowd to clap and even sing along to 'I got me a woman' the Jewish folk inspired songs got the crowd moving. Often compared to Tom Waits I can see where this comes from deep voices, amazing presence and hypnotising poetry in the lyrics. 

Full of energy and a voice that warms the soul with manic pianos, laughter and all round awesomeness Caplan owned the evening. Every song felt like a favourite with 'Belly of the worm', 'Lovers waltz' and 'Down by the river' being among them. Sadly we had to duck out to catch the last buses home but the music spilt out onto the streets and captivated us in the the cold night air. 

A truly special special evening. Have you heard Ben Caplan's music before?

16 in 16 The Obligatory Goal Post

Hey Cats!


I hope you had a lovely night last night. I know some of you will be nursing a hangover today, gloating over the win on board games or shaking your head at another year gone by. What a year it was too! Who can even believe it is already 2016 and I want to say a big thank you to all you lovely followers old and new.

Everyone beats themselves up over setting goals in the new year but the mistake so many people make is being unrealistic or setting goals that hate on themselves. My advice to you is be you, be powerful and follow your heart. Goals can be an awesome way to strive forward but if you haven't met the ones from last year....don't worry or stress. That being said here are my 16 goals for 2016.

1. Travel More

I love to travel and have been lucky enough to see some amazing places, Exploring new places is always a buzz and I am a big believer in new experiences expanding you as a person. There are still so many places I have not see even in the UK alone! In this next year I urge myself to see 5 new places both abroad and closer to home. I want to explore hidden gems and meet all the blogging babes I have been so lucky to come across.

2. Move

Although I love Birmingham and it will always hold a special place in my heart me and Mr Kaos have plans to move further north this year. This is both exciting and amazingly scary. Having to start new somewhere will be a whole new challenge but I am not looking forward to packing boxes, stressed moving trips and house hunting. I am hoping we get to move into a house with a garden in a reasonably nice area but time will tell! Can I bring the leopard print wallpaper please?

3. New Job

With a new move comes a new job....again super scary. I am a little lost on of I want to stay with the arts, follow on with childcare and community work or just do something stress free and easy. Hopefully where ever I end up will be challenging and fun and give me plenty of time to keep blogging and communicating with you lovely people,

4. Yoga

Last year I dabbled in yoga and the didn't keep at it. I am a firm believer in fitness at any size and yoga is something that always makes me feel a million times better in my mind and body. It is something I definitely want to peruse more this year. Curvy yoga here I come!

5. Write

I love writing. In fact writing is why I originally started blogging. I wanted to improve my writing and encourage myself to write more creatively. I used to write poems, short stories and screenplays...then I just kind of lost my joy in it all, Lately I have been feeling inspired with the need to push energy into something creative and I am going to promise to give myself time to write more creatively.

6. Push myself out of my fashion comfort zone

One of the things I lobe about blogging is the constant evolution of changing fashion. To me fashion is its own art form and blogging really helps push that, Especially in the plus size world. There are so many more taboos to overcome along the way ones own ever changing body image being one. 2015  I rocked crop tops, joined challenges to get creative and this year I want to push it even more. More customising, more fun clothes and more creativity.

7.  Reach more people with the blog

Every time I get a new follower, a comment or see a well read post it makes the biggest smile spread across my face. I am genuinely so grateful to every single one of you who stops by to read my ramblings and ramble with me. The best thing about blogging is interacting with new people and I am lucky enough to have such a diverse following. This year I would love to reach more people and hit more followers my target is

Bloglovin- 500
Facebook- 700
Twitter -    5000
Instagram- 5000

Big goals maybe but you can help me get there by just giving me a follow!

8. Read 40 books in 2016

I have always been a bookworm. Even as a little girl my favourite thing was to get lost in a book and that hasn't changed one bit. There is so much to learn, so many worlds to explore and so many characters to imagine along with. This year I plan on reading at least 40 books which doesn't sound like a lot but it can be. To check in how I am doing you can follow me on Good Reads which is my new addiction. I have just started Invisible Monsters and already have my next book lined up. Send me recommendations! Reading is damn sexy.

9. Build Bridges and Heal

This year as with many others has had its low points along with its high points and along the way there have been grudges and falling outs. I am happy that towards the end of 2015 a lot of these were already mended but I would like to keep building bridges and healing from any damage along the way as well as helping heal anyone I have impacted. Forgiveness is vital in a world so small and a life so short.

10. Experiment With Make up

As you can tell by my ever growing eyeliner I love make up. From colourful crazy looks to more subtle pretty enhanced faces. Yet a lot of the time I feel totally clueless in what I am doing. This year I am going to pay more attention to the make up tutorials I am always watching and practise more varying looks. Are you going to experiment with me?

11. Get Driving

I am 32 and I do not drive! One of the dramas of living in a well transported city. It is just easier sometimes to jump on a bus or train to get where you are going. Only I am bored of lugging shopping and want the freedom of driving because it is also a boost on the career ladder. So this year I want to get on the way to passing my test.

12. Make A Short Film

I fell out with the film world in 2015 and I desperately want to create again. So starting small even just one short film in 2016 would be amazing. I am itching to produce something. Quality over quantity.

13. Do More Crafts

My Pintrest is overflowing with lots of crafts I want to try and lots of things I want to cook. I love creating and getting crafty. Plus making gifts for people is super fun. This year is about getting more organised ....maybe even a cheeky planner if budget will allow. I think I just want the excuse to play with stickers.

14. Spend More Time With The Ones I Love

Sometimes it is easy to get in the habit of not doing much and taking the ones around you for granted. I want more date nights with my Mr Kaos eating our way through fun menus, seeing live music and really enjoying time together, Face masks with my mom, Fallout with my brother and putting the worlds to right with my dad.

15. Small Acts Of Kindness

I am a firm believer in helping people whenever I can, Small acts of kindness from commenting on blogs when you like them, sending a card to a friend when they are feeling sad or even giving a little money to charity can make a huge difference,  I vow to keep being a good person and keep ensuring that I continue small acts of kindness spread through those around me,

16. Give Less Fucks

Embrace life at full force and don't beat myself up when things don't go as expected just pick myself up and move forward.

What are your goals for 2016?