#Alternative Curves-- Black Lipstick

Hey Dolls

back again to my fave challenge ever you guessed it Alternative curves with my fierce international babes rocking a black lipstick inspired look. I have to admit I actually was surprised to find that I actually Had no black lipstick in my collection anymore and I really was horrified! Does this mean I am getting boring and growing up. That seriously need to be fixed quickly. So I had to make do for these pictures and get creative with eyeliner eek!

So lets kick it off I went for a little bit of spring with flowers in my hair and a dress I bought from simply be at Christmas which has a lovely 50s feel to it.

I had to add this awesome unicorn bag too!

Dress - Simply be 
shoes- New look
Bag- New look
Flower crown- New look
Leggings- Primark

To round things off I will even give you one with my freckles out!

Don't forget to check out these other fierce babes over on the link and even come and take part it really is fun! 

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#WeAreTheThey A Response To Body Shaming

Yesterday I spoke about how great I thought the Plus Size Wars documentary on channel 4 was and I touched on the fact there is a very negative response. Things exploded and this is my response.

Lets be body positive and spread some love!

Plus Size Wars and What I Really Thought!

Last night channel 4 aired a documentary on plus size fashion featuring so many fabulously fierce bloggers and some well loved brands. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet I urge you check it out on catch up 4 on demand as it will only be up for the next 28 days and is really worth a watch, be you plus size or not.

I have to admit I had really mixed feelings about how this was going to be portrayed. With channel 4s past documentaries not showing fatties in a positive light instead to often just ridicule us, don't even get me started on channel 5. It was this idea of being portrayed as a fetish or in a negative light that made me stay away from the cameras when asked if I wanted to be interviewed. Although the actual crew were really lovely being in media I know how bad editing can make anyone look. You only need to check out some cassette boy to see this.

However I was pleasantly surprised to find that the documentary itself was actually very positive showing bloggers I know and love in a very positive light. Danielle, Callie and Bethany slayed it in dressing rooms and interviews showing sheer confidence and oozing the sheer example of how a woman she feel. Confident, fashionable, sexy and comfortable in her own skin irrelevant of size. That goes for you men too! Body positivity isn't just a female issue. It would have been nice to see some guys also featured in the documentary so they too could get their voice across.

Georgina was real in being honest in how she felt about her body and there is nothing wrong with saying that she wants to change the way she looks. Some people get confused that being body positive and then saying you want to lose weight is a terrible thing but it is an active choice many make. Nobody can doubt that Georgina has worked hard to be where she is. This also brought an interesting debate to the programme.

The highlight for me was Hannah's story on her journey to meet Tess and overcoming bullies. It really was so heart warming and worth the view alone. I know Hannah worked hard with the team and was nervous how she would come across but she came out beautifully. Confident and sassy but speaking the truth I felt the nerves as she got ready to meet Tess. You may remember when I wrote about meeting Tess so I was actually there and there was even a sneaky peak of my bum and then me breaking out the hugs haha. As well as so many other amazing bloggers I really think you should go watch it while you still can. Thank you channel 4 for keeping it real and positive.

The only major downfall to the documentary is the usual negative reactions it gone from some of the oh so concerned general public. As I said on twitter the human race really is too selfish to be concerned about a strangers health and instead are using it as an excuse to spread hate and negativity. Just let people be who they want to be and do you! So with that my lovelies embrace who you are, don;t think about what others think of you and love yourself that is what is most important.

Shine Bright LIKE A Diamond (Well kind of) Featuring Rara De Barr

This is a little bit of a different post for me. I not much of a glam blingish kind of a gal but I have seen some awesome statement necklaces around and when Rara De Barr asked me to review a few of their items* I was really excited to try them out. I was lucky enough to receive a necklace and some lovely ear rings which you can see here.

Rara De Barr is a family run business which two lovely sisters started off from Facebook auctions. So not only will you be looking lush in their items but you will be supporting an independent business. In this economic climate that is as bold a move as their lovely accessories. You girls rock!

I was so excited when my blogger mail came and carefully unwrapped the tissue paper to find this pink beauty. Rara De Barr have so many pretty necklaces to chose from and I had no idea which I would be receiving. I was so stoked to get the Abigail necklace combining pink and bling it is hard to resist. I love that there are different tones of pink which really make the jewels stand out more. The quality of the necklace is the best I have seen from this kind of statement necklace and it really wasn't as heavy as I thought it would be. I have my eye on the Crawford necklace next!

The next item I had was the Crystal Cosmic Drop Earrings! Isn't that just such a cute name? The website promises that you will fall in love with them and they lovely but too much to wear with a big statement necklace. As you can see in the picture of me wearing them they look fab but I think would make more of a statement on their own. So keep an eye out for future styling. They are really pretty and again fabulous quality. So go show the ladies at Rara De Barr some love and let me know what you think of their range.

Spring Update And Giveaway

Hey Sweets!

You may already noticed that we now have a fancy new layout! Isn't it just perfect? I swear Kayla is amazing I never could have made this page so pretty on my own. Blogging is a constant learning curve and I feel like I have learnt a lot but web pages is not one of them. Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl also has a new domain and some awesome new features. Here is a quick video to break it down...

Now to celebrate hitting 2500 followers on Twitter and over 300 on Bloglovin I have a little giveaway for you. Thank you so much for all the follows, comments and reading my nattering. Please do speak up or drop me a message anytime. Let me know if you want to see more of anything else. So I will be giving away some cute accessories with 2 chances to win.

The Kitty Pack
The Theo Necklace

Kitty Ring

Kitty Collar Clips

The Puppy Pack
French bulldog Betsey Johnson Necklace
Betsey Johnson French bulldog ear rings

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do you think of the new layout and features?

L''Oreal Elvive Fibrology Hair Care Review

If you watch my You Tube videos you may have recently seen my first ever empties video. I promised to do a few reviews of products that I wanted to say more about despite some of them being around for some time. So today I will be reviewing 3 items from the L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Hair care range.

I have thin fly away hair so I tend to go for hair care products that will thicken, strengthen or give me volume. Even better if it can do all 3. So when the new thickening range came out from L'Oreal sometime last year I jumped on it. I have to admit at first I didn't like it. I am impatient and want my hair to look instantly awesome. Unfortunately the first few times I used this range I didn't felt like it did anything for my hair. In fact it left it quite lifeless. So I put it to the back of my toiletries cupboard and tried a different shampoo for a bit. I kept seeing awesome reviews about how great it was making peoples hair on other blogs until one blogger actually told me she had the same issue but kept using it for a week and then she started to see a difference. So I decided to at least see it through until the end of the bottle.

The claim is that L'Oreal are using fibrology science using filloxane to penetrate the hair and help expand it from the inside. Sounds crazy right? I am willing to give it a go though to get luscious locks.

Like most shampoos they encourage you to use the whole range to see a difference. I love hair masks and try and use them  weekly to fortnightly to help nourish my hair. So to do it properly I picked up the masque too. The smell is beautiful really clean but with a floral hint and the masque is so thick and luxurious it felt like a real treat for my hair. In fact the whole range smells lovely but I discovered that the conditioner needs to be used sparingly and then the hair is left bouncy rather than lank. After about a week I found that I did start to see a little difference so persevered and then by time I was sing the range regularly my hair was in fact looking thicker and healthier. OK I didn't have J Lo hair but then lets be realistic. I would recommend this if you are worried about thinning hair but really do stick with it.

Have you used the fibrology range?

International Wishlist Featuring Modcloth

Although the UK plus size industry is getting better by the day with more variety and styles becoming available it is hard not to take a peep at what other countries have to offer. Debz from Wannabe Princess asked a few of us bloggers to put together an international wish list. I looked at so many beautiful sites but the one that I always end up with an endless list for is Modcloth so I am going to keep the list to there.

Modcloth literally has pages full of beautiful clothes to chose from in the plus size section and for those that aren't plus size they have just as many lush clothes for you too. Not to mention cute accessories. Here is what I am lusting after...

I am not really a jumpsuit kinda gal but this 'Jaw drop the beat' jumpsuit could really convert me! I saw lots of cute tops but finally narrowed it down to these 3. A cute 'Caturday night' tee which would look cute with some jeggings or a little skater skirt. My love of comics made this kooky 'Flying burger people eater' sweater stand out to me. If you don't know of my love of punk and especially the misfits then you are not following me on enough social media so this cute collared 'Ecstatic age' top rocks my world. 

Next up on the lustathon dresses <3 

The 'Roadside attraction' dress has been on my wish list ever since I laid eyes on it....I think I am a little bit in love. As you can tell I like the skater skirt on my dresses I feel it is a shape that shows off my best features. The colour of the 'Too much fun cacti dress'  caught my eye first but the print is just so cute. The 'Mew-seum visit' dress just because cats. Seriously though there are so many dresses there are some awesome peter pan collared skeleton dresses that just make me giddy.

The best of the bottoms...

There were so many cat skirts to choose from, I want to live in a world where I am spoilt for choice for crazy cat lady ware and this beautiful 'It had to be mew' makes me purr. Leggings with sharks all over them what is not to love about these 'fresh take shark' leggings. I love music so this skirt was music to me and totally 'floats my note'. Can we also take a moment to high 5 Modcloth for all the great puns too?!

I couldn't bare to look at the accessories as I already feel like I am going to explode from all the wants. SO what would you get from Modcloth?

Much love

Plus Size and Proud Is Doing Something Crazy

Yes you heard me crazy....crazy sweet and caring. Now last year you may remember a post I did about a cute hat to raise awareness for the lovely Hannah who was raising money for charity by shaving all her head. Yes all of her hair completely bald. Now Sarah from Plus Size and Proud is stepping up to the plate and shaving her hair in order to raise money for her local branch of Mind. A worthy cause. Mind does some incredible work with people who suffer from mental illnesses. As they have an impact in 1 in 3 people I am sure you either know yourself or know someone who is going through a tough time. So every penny raised really does count,

Now I know Sarah just wanted people to talk about their favourite hair accessories and I had a post where I could have waffled about how addicted to flower crowns I am despite Courtney Love saying they are over in my post here. Alas though I wanted to use this as the opportunity to tell you about why you should pop over to Sarah s just giving page and even just give a quid towards her brave task which will be taking place tomorrow.

First let me tell you about Sarah she writes an awesome blog which not only pushes the boundaries of plus size fashion but nobody is telling her that when you hot 40 you should be restricted to clothes that make you invisible. She is a fierce mama who rocks many a pretty dress like so...

I have been lucky enough to meet Sarah when I went to London Edge and she is truly as lovely as she comes across on her blog. She is first to offer kind words and positively bring people up when  they are down. That is a quality that everyone should take example of from this lovely woman with a heart of gold. Now get over to her Just giving page and help her raise even more money so that she will feel all warm and fuzzy inside when doing a very scary thing. We love you Sarah <3


Do you have any words of encouragement for Sarah?

Spoken Word The Female Addition

It has been a while since I shared some powerful spoken word I have been listening to and this time I thought I would go all female.

 *trigger warning* for this next piece features talk of eating disorders.


So they are my top 3 female spoken word pieces that blew me away recently. Let me know what you think. Have you got any suggestions of who else to check out?

The Botanist Birmingham Opening Soon!

Calling all my fellow Brummies (and those that visit wonderful Birmingham) I have to tell you about something new and exciting that will be hitting up the city centre from 9th April. If you have been locking yourself inside for those winter months or just frequenting one place, well then I have an awesome excuse for you to try somewhere new. I was kindly invited to the media launch for The Botanist which will be opening next week on Temple street in Birmingham city centre. Just a stone throw away from transport links and the bustling shops. I feel like this place just popped up out of nowhere.

Along the lovely Cherry who blogs over at Vegan Family Living we were welcomed by the friendly staff and even recommended which cocktail to try. The first thing that hit me was how quirky and rustic the decor was. They had really thought of all the little touches. It felt as though I had been transported out of the ram packed city into a light and airy country cottage. Logs by a fireplace, cute cactus, little baskets on the tables but all still very stylish and chic. Even the ladies room kept to the theme with big country style sinks just like my Nana had on the farm. My favourite features were the light shades by the main bar so much work and thought must have gone into preparing this magical garden feel.

Lets take a moment to appreciate the drinks. There is something for everyone from craft beers to a huge cocktail list. It took me so long to settle on what to try. First I had a blueberry and passion fruit martini. The bar staff are cheerful and are rocking the coolest uniform with braces! I love watching my drink be made and all the passion that goes into one glass. Presentation of drinks is beautiful as I found out when I ordered a carrot juice based cocktail cheekily named 'what's up doc?' which came garnished with a little organic carrot. The ginger sling was my favourite of the night though mixing ginger, apricot and gin it was like pure heaven and was far too easy to drink. I have a feeling it would be so easy to get lost in the cocktails alone. I even saw a watering can sharer!

Don't worry though like the responsible adults we were the drinks were paced through the evening. We weren't waiting very long to be shown to the dining area. The open plan kitchen is a detail I dig in any restaurant especially when you can watch other meals coming out because the presentation of the food is totally in keeping with the themes. Cherry spotted little wheelbarrows of food. The waiting staff were really friendly and chatty. We started off simple with some Olives and flat bread and baked Camembert. The olives were really tasty and who doesn't love Camembert with a lovely herb twist served with fruit and flat bread.

For main I chose the lamb tagine from the home comforts menu. There is a varied range to choose from, if you are all about the British favourites like fish and chips or Gammon or want to try something a bit more exciting like Malaysian curry. I was tempted by the barbecue menu which offers steak burgers, hanging kebabs or even rotisserie chicken. Cherry being veggie went for a cauliflower cheese pie. The lamb came in a gorgeous tagine pot with pearl cous cous, it was so tender and tasty and the cous cous just popped in my mouth beautifully. Cherry was really pleased with her choice too which had a twist which I wont spoil for you.

Even though I was super full the waitress tempted us with deserts and they all sounded so nice it would be rude not to try them. Plus I have to tell you guys all about them right? That is my excuse and I am sticking with it he he. It would be worth popping in for a girly chat and a cheeky desert just to soak up the chilled atmosphere. I swear we were in there for hours and time just flew. If you hadn't guessed already desert was amazing. I had a Strawberry and marshmallow kebab with had a delicious sailor jetty chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. It came served hanging and you get to put the sauce down which trickles down the toasted marshmallows onto the ice cream at the bottom. The presentation alone was exciting enough but it tasted just as good as it looked. Cherry couldn't finish her huge trifle sundae but I need to go back and sample that some time.

We even got to have a chat with the general manager Julian Rose-Gibbs who was really friendly and really knows his crowd having worked for the Victoria pub which you may have visited in Birmingham too. The Botanist in all is a fantastic place to visit be it for after work cocktails, sampling different ales, live music or having a lovely meal with someone close to you. It has also brought 100s of jobs to Birmingham so get down and support it and lets keep it in our lovely Brum town for years to come!

What is tempting you to visit The Botanist most? Have you been to another branch?