That Grrrl Thinks She's The Queen Of The Neighbourhood! #OOTD

"Rebel Grrrl you are the Queen of my world" are lyrics that I have been singing most of my life. The riot grrrl scene was the first scene grabbed me and never let go. Women empowering other women to be strong and independent and just love the skin they are in long before body positivity movements like "Eff your beauty standard". Women like Kathleen Hanna leading bands and telling girls to get to the front and telling us that we should pick up guitars and be in our own bands. Sound familiar? Yeah it is like punk right? Exactly anyone can take part, anyone can have a go but most importantly just be you! Wear what you like and love yourself while being creative and outspoken. So when this months Alternative Curves came around and the challenge was 'Riot Grrrl Heroines' a massive smile spread across my face. It wasn't even me who suggested this topic that's how I know these women are fully awesome.

For me when I was growing up a band I really loved was the Lunachicks. They were all about trashy trailorpark glamour, short babydoll dresses, fishnets and big shoes. So for this post they are my style inspiration. I pulled out the fishnets, lipstick, faux fur leopard print and covered it all in pure attitude.

It is all about looking fierce and cute all at the same time. Any girl is Miss world eff those beauty standards and be awesome. I had this coat for Christmas from my mama and the glasses were from my boo. I think everyone is fully aware of my riot grrrl inspiration on my fashion. The miss world  necklace I snapped up from the awesome Black heart creatives and you would have seen me wearing it before HERE when I went to see Courtney Love.

The dress was thrifted and the so were the killer shoes. Riots not Diets was a massive riot grrrl slogan letting the world know that our bodies are ours and nobody else can tell us to make bigger or smaller. So I broke out this donut bag from New Look because fuck yeah I love donuts. All topped off with an awesome bow from Asos. Now for some trash and sass...

Be fierce, be strong and do what you want. Fuck what everyone else thinks and enjoy yourself. If you want to drink Vodka from a teacup then work it because you are a Queen!

Can you tell I enjoyed this post? Check out the rest of the rebel grrrls.

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Sales Haul- Featuring Asos, New look and Primark

Two videos in one week I must be on a roll :P

Here is what I picked up in the sales....


What did you pick up in the sales?

What Is In My January Glossybox?

Here is a late video for you lovely lot <3

If you are interested in joining Glossybox you can do so HERE.

Do you get any beauty boxes? Which ones?

Work Wear #OOTD Featuring Ann Harvey*

Sometimes dressing for work can be a nightmare, In my line of work sometimes I need to be dressed to impress for a big meeting. Later in the day I need to be able to run about and film or run a session for young people. When Bonmarche asked if I would like to try something from the Ann Harvey range I had a look and to my surprise found just the dress that could do both. I have to admit that I hadn't really considered the range before as it seemed a little conservative for me but this dress proved me wrong.

You can currently snap up the Ann Harvey Baroque print dress* in the sale for just half the price as it is now only £22.50. I was drawn to the bold red print which gives the dress that extra glamorous feel and would brighten up any office.

I teamed it with some plain black heels (New look last season) and I like to wear leggings with my dresses but this is just a personal preference, If you really wanted to dress it up you can opt to go without.

I sized up to a size 22 expecting the material to be very clingy as I didn't want to feel uncomfortable but I could easily have worn my normal 20 as the sizing is very generous, The material had a lot of stretch and is fantastic quality. Due to being fully lined the material falls beautifully. Yes it will show off all those curves but without all those extra lumpy bits and if you are not a fan of Visible belly line then you can always wear this with shape wear, I have worn without because I felt so comfortable.

I am a big fan of the half sleeves which means the dress can be worn on it's own without an cardigan. A cute belted detail and the neckline is flattering without feeling like you are falling out of it. There is plenty of room in the bust area for ladies with extra boobage.

I loved the pattern so much I wanted to also see what it would look like more casually. So I tried it out with a cardigan and some flats. So for those of you who aren't sure about the bold patterns or flaunting the curves as much as me then you can really play it down and still look killer,

The cardigan I grabbed in the sales from Primark. A bargain at £10 with a little bit of bling on the collar. This makes the outfit more wearable for me day to day.

What do you wear to work? What do you think of the Ann Harvey baroque print dress?