#AlternativeCurves Time Travel - A Year In #OOTD

This month I am cutting it fine but the #AlternativeCurves challenge is all about Time Travel. With the year coming to a close what better way than to look back on a year of outfit posts! When I was looking back at all these pictures of myself it made me realise how much my confidence has grown over the last year and just how important and fun challenges like this are. Take a look for yourself and if you want even check out the old posts.

                    (Minnie)                                         (Red)                                          (Birthday)

                    (Pink)                                              (Heels)                                           (Trend)

                    (Courtney)                                 (Frida)                                            (Jeggings)

                  (Confidence)                                        (Swing)                                    (Festival)

               (Bardot)                                        (wellies)                                         (Fairy Tale)

                   (Star)                                              (Bargain)                                       (Tess)

Which was your favourite outfit? Don't forget to show some love to the other Alternative Curves girls and their take on Time Travel.

#OOTD What I Wore To Meet Tess Munster Featuring Voodoo Vixen

A few weeks ago you read me squealing about how awesome Tess Munster was when I met her at Yours Clothing in Birmingham Bulling. Don't worry if you missed it you can catch up HERE. For about a week before it was time to go I just couldn't decide what to wear, I mean what do you wear to go see the fabulously dressed Tess?

Lucky for me I was looking for an excuse to wear my new amazing Voodoo Vixen dress, I was so stoked to hear that not only had Voodoo Vixen introduced a plus size range but also that Simply Be and Fashion World would be stocking a select few of the dresses. When I saw this cat printed pink beauty of a dress it just had to be mine.

Pink is usually not my colour so I was a little nervous about splashing my cash on this one. I went for a 3x unsure what the sizing was going to be like, When it came I was blown away. The 3x was a perfect fit so if you are a 20-22 like me then I think it is true to size unless you are extra blessed in the chest department then it can be a little tight fitting so you may have to size up. Even Tess herself said she owns this dress and had to size up. The buttons on this one are just for show so no need to worry about the dreaded button gape. This is such a flattering dress the shape is beautiful and comes in at all the right places to really show off those curves. The material is excellent quality thick without being too heavy.

The neckline has little peep holes which fall in just the right places to be modest but cheekily sexy at the same time. Due to the cut and print the pink doesn't wash me out like it usually does which is awesome because I think I would have cried. So if like me you are not one to usually rock pink try it out, That is what fashion is about trying new things.

You can also pick up the matching cardigan with a cute Kitty embroidery. This helps finish that true 50s look. I felt like I should be sipping milkshakes in a diner somewhere.

Looking at the price of the cardigan at first I wasn't sure but I ended up snapping up two different ones.

The arms are a great length coming in longer than other cardigans so gives that extra snugly feel that I wasn't expecting from this kind of cardigan. The material is really soft and a great quality. Sadly this one of the cardigans didn't wash very well and I managed to somehow shrink it and send the pink a little bit lilac. I am horrified but I think this is more my error as my other cardigan washed fine.

. Dress - Voodoo Vixen bought from Simply Be
Cardigan- Voodoo Vixen from Simply Be
Frilled socks-Primark
Leopard Creepers-Ebay 

Have you tried anything from the new Voodoo Vixen plus range?

Punky Pins Christmas Stocking

I always get really excited when I see companies bring out a little goody bag. I love surprises so when Punky Pins released their Christmas Stocking for just £15 so I just knew I had to buy one. I have been admiring lots of Punky Pins items for some time and have never got round to buying any so this was the perfect opportunity.

Don't be fooled by the name it doesn't come in a stocking but instead a lovely box packaged up safely and jam packed full of goodies.

The Daisy Chain bracelet makes me embrace my inner Drew Barrymore. Perfect for a 90s child look that I still totally dig.

You have the option to chose if you want to personalise any items. I got this snow covered name necklace which I am going to rock on these icy days.

A little penguin couple melts my icy heart.

My favourite of all the items has to be this totally cute Gingerbread duo. A little gingerbread lady and man, I am a little addicted to gingerbread man recently. It must be Christmas rubbing off on me, so when I saw these I let out a little squeal of joy. In fact I am wearing them now!

I also got this little pin badges and an angel ring. I love the Rosie Riveter one the most and I really do love Punky Pins after this awesome Christmas stocking.

What a bargain 2 necklaces, a bracelet, some ear rings, clips,  badges and a ring. All excellent quality items that are handmade and built to last. Why not support independent trade and grab something from the website today.

What do you think of the items I got?

 Did you get a Punky Pins stocking too?

#BreakingBored - Beat That Christmas Boredom*

With Christmas just around the corner it may seem crazy that I want to talk to you about boredom. Lets face it though as soon as the pressies are open, with a belly full of turkey, the thought of facing Christmas films just isn't going to cut it. If your household is anything like mine, I always go visit my folks and everyone is asleep by noon. I get left bouncing off the walls after all the excitement, desperately rattling the cage of boredom.

It's times like this we find ourselves making up silly games, singing into hairbrushes, seeing if you can still do a roly poly and even wishing that you were a wizard who had the power to whisk away all the boring housework, Just like this guy...

This little short from Vera&John made me giggle. keep your eyes out for more in this little series but more importantly why not join in #breakingbored  Vera&John  want to invite you to  use those times of boredom in a more fun and rewarding way. So why not treat yourself and kick back from the housework and play some #bettergames. There are so many games to chose from you will never get bored again. From bubble craze to cash wizard and even favourites like Monopoly. You may even win yourself a little Christmas bonus.

Check out the Vera&John website. As a little welcome they are offering all new UK players 100% deposit bonus + £5 free trial + 30 free spins on Boomanji slot machines. Why not give it a go and break free from boredom. Always make sure you play responsibility but most of all just have fun.

* Please refer to disclaimer

December You Beauty Unboxing

Another video for you lovely lot unboxing this months You beauty box.

 What did you chose for your box?

#Xmasjumperday....Well Kind Of!

Happy Christmas Jumper day! So I don't exactly have a Christmas jumper but I did buy this amazing jumper from next to the Christmas jumpers so it is close enough right? Just look at the unicorn, I think I would rather have a unicorn than a snowman they aren't as cold to hug. Lets start with the jumper....

This is possibly the warmest jumper I have ever owned. I went for the biggest size that Primark had this is a 20 which is actually a generous size and would easily fit at least 2 sizes bigger. I just wish it was a bit longer for a better oversize feeling. 
Unicorn Jumper- Primark
Jeggings-Simply be
Monkey Trainers- Vans 

This jumper makes me feel like Rainbow Brite. The colours are amazing, as soon as I saw it I just had to have it. My Mama bought it for me even though she thinks it is tacky. The epic jumper has like a faux fur not only on the outside but .....Oh my lord it is lined with it on the inside too! Unicorns, rainbows and clouds all with a mega 80s vibe. Could you dream of more? 

I do however think it will be one of them items that gets a bit ratty after a wash or two. I will without a doubt wear it to death. I teamed it with my trusty jeggings from Simply be which are so comfy and can be seen in another post HERE

Now I have raved about the jumper lets have a quick thought for why everyone is really wearing Christmas jumpers today. Yes it is awesome to get into the spirit but it is also for an important cause. #xmasjumperday was put together by Save The Children. Christmas is about giving and just by donating a small amount you can help vulnerable children locally and globally. All you have to do is text WOOLLY to 70050 to donate £2 to an awesome cause. 

Did you wear a Christmas jumper today? Can I get away with this jumper for Christmas? 

#Psbloggersadvent Update

If you checked out my first update video a few days ago HERE, then you will know all about the PS bloggers advent swap. If not go check it out quickly before you watch an update of the lovely things I have received so far.

 Let me know what you think of the swap so far!!

#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent Missguided

There is no denying that retailers are really starting to stand up and take notice that plus size fashion is moving forward in a big way. There are so many new plus ranges being introduced which is really exciting. Recently Missguided launched a new plus size collection catering up to a size 24. Keep an eye out on Wednesday for my wish list from the plus collection as they have done a fantastic job to start off. However the main dress I wanted sold out so quickly that it felt like I blinked and they were gone. Please bring back the velvet wrap dress some of us are only just discovering you for the first time Missguided!

Although they have done a brilliant job with a range of styles including killer crop tops and beautiful dresses today we are talking about what isn't available in plus size.

The lovely Debz from Wannabe Princess invited a group of fashion savvy plus bloggers to join a series of posts. We will be letting retailers know what we would have bought if they had been available in our sizes.

Today we will be looking at Missguided, so #HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent had the items been available in a 20/22.

This whole outfit just screams out to me I love the trousers but most of all the Bugsby Pussybow Blouse would have jumped right into my basket. This retails at £22.99. Sadly it stops at a size 14. This is such a cute look that I will be channelling at some point.

This dress just screams modern day Marilyn Monroe. They actually have this on the website in a few colours but I am in love with this blue. I am a fan of the skater puff ball skirt style and this dress doesn't disappoint. Yes us plus ladies even want that cute cut out at the front we like to be cheeky too. The Cia chiffon skater puss ball dress is £34.99 and stops at a size 16.

I am really picky about floral prints but this dress is so cute. I would but this shaped dress in any colour or pattern! I have to admit I personally would like just a little more length if this was available in plus but that's because retailers need to realise we have bigger booty to cover and it sucks when you get a dress this cute and end up with your knickers flashing. The Tali Brocade sweetheart skater dress goes up to a size 16 (the only size sold out) and is £36.99.

This pattern is so edgy and cool. I love the fishnet panelling. I wouldn't be brave enough to wear the fitted crop top although I know plenty of ladies who would who are plus size. However I would rock that skirt so hard. Yet it stops at a size 14 so that is £24.99 that will be staying in my bank account.

I am feeling the return of mustard to this season especially since I got a bargain mustard bowler hat. This dress is crazy cute. The pleated skirt and lace combo would be somebodies nightmare but I think this dress is crazy cute. A well spent £27,99....but wait it goes up to a size 16. Damn!

This shirt dress has made me want to go on the hunt for an oversized shirt dress! This looks like a comfy but fun look I could rock while out filming in these winter months. If anyone does know where I can get something similar drop me a message. This again stops at a size 16 and is £27.99.

In total that would have been £175.94 on these items alone that I would have spent! I guess my bank account would thank them that they aren't available but my wardrobe is definitely in a sulk. If you do like any of these items they can be found over on the Missguided website.

Have a look at the other awesome bloggers in the #HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent challenge

What would you have bought? Do you shop at Missguided?

A-Z Of Inspirational Women - G Is For Glam

It's that time again to highlight some amazing inspirational women. I can't believe we are already on G. If you missed the others you can check them out at the bottom of the page.

Kicking off G for today is the ever talented Georgia O'Keeffe. I have always admired O'Keeffe's art work which can be argued to have started American modernism with her first works getting noticed in 1918.

A true artist through her work you can see her grow and experiment often being linked to feminist iconography within her work and dabbling with the abstract world.

For me the work that I am most inspired by is her later work when she was living in New Mexico and it quickly became a heavy influence in her paintings. Check out my favourite piece here.

Whenever I see Grace Jones I think "God Damn! That is one fierce woman!". She just oozes confidence, sex appeal and glamazon! Not only did she take the model world by storm with her unusually beautiful looks but she took on the music industry and films too. She makes the most amazing vampire as Katrina in Vamp.

Often ridiculed for her masculine like features Jones just owns it and shows the world that beauty comes in all forms. Any woman that can portray that much confidence and attitude while the world tries to rip her apart is a legend in my book.

This is a woman who would have a lot of stories to tell. She has an awesome sense of humour and makes the weird and unusual into glamour. Thank you Grace Jones for being your fierce self!

Everyone swoons over Marilyn Monroe and lusts after Audrey Hepburn's style when it comes to old movie stars but one that should not go unremembered is the gracious Greta Garbo. A screen siren from the 1920's to the 1940's Garbo won multiple awards for her performances all while looking elegant and in charge.

Garbo was a master of keeping her private life away from the press, who constantly questioned her sexuality. So much so the press waiting for almost forty years for letters to be opened only to find that Garbo remained victorious and elusive.

A bit of a feminist Greta didn't believe you had to marry and have children in life to be happy. Combating depression and breast cancer she still took on the world.

Gabourey Sidibe rocks my world in so many ways. Capturing my heart as Precious and then playing a polar opposite in American Horror story Coven. She is an amazing actress who has proved she can play her hand in differing roles,

Sadly so many ignore her skills and just look at her size. When she went to the Oscars despite looking beautiful many just tried to ridicule Sidibe. I say tried because to Gabourey no fucks were given. She slayed them down with her response and held her head high.

It is so refreshing to see someone so awesome getting great roles and I hope she keeps going from strength to strength kicking down those beauty standards with the rest of us.

Do these ladies inspire you? Or do you have another G that motivates you?

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