Tess Munster Visits The UK Finally Featuring Yours Clothing

Tess Munster has been a massive inspiration for me. I stumbled upon her via Instagram one day and was instantly mesmerised by how beautiful she looks and how fiercely fashionable she dressed. A plus size model who has captured the worlds heart for helping people to realise their worth and importance in this world. Starting the #effyourbeautystandards movement made women everywhere  (hopefully guys too) challenge their perception on what beauty really is. The media can so often lead us to believe that there is only one type of beautiful but Tess and #effyourbeautystandards captures the beauty in everyone. Wear what you like, challenge beauty ideals and do not be scared to love yourself.

So when I heard that Tess was modelling for Yours Clothing I was super excited to see her wearing some of their gorgeous clothes and already knowing how it would tempt my pennies away, but when I saw that she would be doing a meet and greet I literally screamed with delight. Right here in Birmingham where I live at the Yours store that I wrote about recently here.

I was horrified when I got called into work on the day but managed to twist my bosses arm to let me come in the afternoon which means my time was limited but I wasn't about to miss Tess in my town now was I? On the bus into town I must have annoyed my boyfriend so much as I was excited. Getting to the Bullring I wasn't sure what to expect I thought there would be a huge turn out but the que was really not that big at all. The Yours staff were so friendly and passed out yummy sweets and Tess badges. It suddenly occurred to me what was I going to say to her? Why didn't I bring her a little gift eek.

Yours had set up a lovely table for Tess and I had already spied on Instagram the night before that she had been signing pictures ready for giving to fans which is so sweet but also mega organised of her. The table was right at the front of the store which I think means Yours missed a total trick they could have had us going through the store and been tempted by all the pretty clothes. News crews and photographers were there too a lovely lady took a picture of me and my boyfriend which I would love to see!

Then the magical moment! I have to say that Tess is lovely a true professional watching her before I got my turn she knew how to sooth the nervous girls and spend a good few minute with each swooning fan. I got to chat to her about my dress, taking photos for blogs and how she was enjoying England. She told me to hold out my dress for the picture so we could be twins <3 She is as lovely and sweet as she comes across on the internet and as beautiful as ever! Damn that hair too some perfect curls, Thanks to my Boo for taking the photos and standing in que with me, I even managed to nab a selfie and two hugs.

Everyone was sent away with some signed pictures and a badge which was so thoughtful and sweet. I also managed to squeeze in a hug from the lovely Hannah from FabulouslyFatFashion and say hi to some other gorgeous PSbloggers that I have been chatting to and following for some time, I am so looking forward to spending some more time with them!

If you get the chance to meet Tess jump on it. Were you there? Have you met Tess somewhere else? Tell me about it :)

Goodbye Wet Feet

If you remember back in my post about Boomtown Fair Festival I recalled how my boyfriend had to save my day by getting me some wellies to combat the crazy festival weather. For all those plus sized ladies out there you all know what a nightmare it can be to get boots to fit wide calves let alone random wellies in a limited environment. Thank fully my boo is really sweet and when the wellies didn't fit he rescued me yet again by getting some scissors and adapting them to be wearable and they really made the festival mudslides a breeze. Although Vogue will not be banging down my door for how amazing they looked. Enough of me gushing about his awesomeness the point is it can be a struggle and a bit embarrassing trying to find wellies sometimes. Until I was asked to try a pair of wide calved rain boots and was spoiled for choice on which to choose. Always a sucker for purple and polka dots I went with this beautiful pair below.

There were so many designs to choose from over at http://cuterainboots.net/wide-calf-rain-boots/ gp check them out. I actually managed to resist leopard print for once! There are more traditional wellies or short boots in a range of colours and cute patterns. I am a size 6 in shoes but for bots I usually size up to a 7 so I did with these as I like to wear thick socks and trousers with my rain boots.

Boots by Jileon - Cute Rain Boots*
Jumper Dress- George (old)
Biker Jacket - New Look Inspire (last season)
Leggings- Primark
Scarf- Thrifted

I took them out for a walk in the fallen leaves that come with this rainy autumn weather. They are really light weight unlike most wellies and really comfortable. They felt like wearing trainers when I usually wear wellington boots my feet hurt after a bit but these kept my feet comfy, dry and mud free. All while looking mega cute.

This pair actually can fit up to a 50cm calf! They are really easy to adjust with extra material and a simple clasp. They can be adjusted from inside and outer leg, Which is great you can choose to adjust them from just one side or both and means you can get a more comfortable adjustment. 

At £49.99 they may seem a little pricey but they really are worth paying a little extra for as they are amazing quality which will last for years to come. If you love jumping in puddles, squelching through mud and crazy festivals like me then you need some pretty and comfy rain boots in your life. I will be enjoying these next time the rain comes pouring down.

Do you like jumping in puddles and wearing wellies?

*These Rain boots were gifted but all opinions are my own 

#OOTD Embracing Bargain Outfits

I really do not have enough skirts in my wardrobe. I seem to get into a habit of dresses all the time and then there is only so long you can wear them before you feel like you are constantly wearing the same thing. So when I saw this skirt for sale I figured for the bargain price of £5 I would give it a go.

As you already know I am a big fan of the old skool rockabilly look so this look can be achieved with any circle type skirt that flows out a little. The tattoo print on this skirt by Olympus, is mega cute and kitsch. As the pattern stands out enough on it's own I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit really simple so just teamed it with a plain long sleeve top and a cute belt as this skirt was a little too big for me. I have to admit it was really easy to wear and I may have to invest in some more cute skirts. I have my eye on a handmade donut print one <3

Skirt- but bought 2nd hand £5
Long sleeve top - Primark - £3
Belt- Yours Clothing (Old) £7
Leggings- Primark £2.50
Creepers- Gift from my boo but ebay I think

When an outfit is mega cheap and still comes together makes me all that more excited. Do you have a bargain outfit?