Suits You- Styling other #Psbloggers #3

This month I am styling Katherine from A Curvy Cupcake. She already has awesome style as we often lust after the same dresses. She is totally cool as well go check out her blog and send her some love! She has a fun style as you can see. I love her hair and the parasol in this picture.

Now I noticed the lovely Katt is influenced by rockabilly 50's full skirt dresses. I saw this dress and I loved it. They also make Dr Who dresses. I know Katt is a Dr Who fan but I have seen some cool tardis ones around that she could also totally rock. Maybe you could make a dress like this Katherine? This one is from Frockasaurus on Etsy. I think the colours would really suit her fun personality and who doesn't love unicorns?

It would look best with a big petticoat underneath to give the full skirt so everyone can marvel at the magical unicorns. I like this purple one from Vivien Of Holloway but there are lots of different colours and price range on ebay.

It would look super cute with Katherine's hair up in a beehive with an over sized bow. I also loved this necklace also from Etsy but by Geeky Wears. 

Some nice simple ballerina flats in lilac as Katt is a busy mummy on her feet all day but still looks stylish while doing so. Go check out her awesome blog and also check out the other bloggers taking part in this challenge. See if you can spot who styles me!


What do you think of this outfit? How would you have styled Katt?

What's In My Ears August?

Time is just whizzing by. Seriously where has this year gone? I can't believe we are already in August....almost finished it in fact!

This month I have been listening to a lot of really chilled music that I have been listening to for a while now. I have tickets to see Ani Difranco next month which is like a dream come true. I have been listening to her since I was 15. Excited is not the word. So Ani has been in my ears a lot this month.

An artist that is also touring and I am gutted I can't afford the ticket price but love her still is Kate Bush. So if you have a ticket I am crazy jealous.....but plllllease tell me how it was. She has the most unique and relaxing voice that just takes me out of this world. Literally with this cover.

Probably one of the most played artists on any of my musical devises (sad to admit I am a bit of a digital whore these days) is Mr Tom Waits. He touches me deep in my soul especially in this song.

What have you been listening to this month?

Also don;t forget to enter my giveaway to win a Zombie book HERE. 

A-Z Of Inspirational Women - F is for Fierce #FridaKahlo

For this inspirational women post I wanted to do something a little different. Usually I would talk about a selection of fabulous women who I find inspirational and want you to know more about. Today I want to just focus on one! If you follow my posts regularly it will come of no surprise that a big influence to me is Frida Kahlo. When I first found out about her in art class she blew my mind all over my all girl secondary school walls. Especially when I heard this quote.

“I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it's true I'm here, and I'm just as strange as you.” 

Frida is a creative dream role model. She was open, expressive and talented. Born Magdelina Carmen Frieda Kahlo but known to the world as Frida Kahlo revolutionary artist and without knowing it she has become a huge feminist icon. Many women will argue that she does not represent feminism, but them many women will argue for eternity not realising the freedom of speech they have comes from women like Frida. In 1907-1954 when she graced the earth women didn't have the freedom they have now yet when you hear of her loud outspoken spirit you wouldn't believe it. 

Frida's paintings step boundaries opening her heart and sharing her emotions with the world. Above you can see her depiction of her birth. This is one of my favourite pictures representing womanhood, fertility, and heavy Catholicism.  At 18 Frida was in a terrible collision between a train and a bus. This lead to her breaking her spine in 3 places, a triple fracture of the pelvis from where a hand rail skewered her entering at her hip and leaving at her vagina. Doctors didn't think she would live but she proved them wrong and fought to get better. She continued to paint through these times even when she had to wear a braced corset. 

Frida fell deeply in love with a much older man Diego who was also an artist and he was often also the subject of her art work. Love lead to other trauma in her life in the form of horrific miscarriages. She expressed her emotions through paintings one of which is above. She was not scared to express how she felt and kept no secrets about things so many women are to scared to talk about. More women need to share this pain and frustration through this more understanding around the subject can be increased. I admire greatly that Frida was able to share the deepest pains in her paintings which without knowing can help so many other women through their suffering. 

Clothes were also a big form of expression in Frida's life. She can be seen above wearing a mans suit in a family portrait. In a time where women wore dresses and only men wore trousers this is just a token of Frida's free spirit. She challenged gender roles and was unapologetic and rebellious in nature. More famously known for the traditional Mexican clothes she wore. Those with bright clashing colours and adorning her hair with flowers. Embracing her femininity and sexuality. Her appearance has been seen as controversial as she embraced her facial hair , wasn't afraid of getting naked and displaying her disabilities. These are all revolutionary ideals that all women should feel they are able to do if they feel so instead of listening to what society forces upon us. Embrace the things that make you different from others because those are the things that make you unique and beautiful. 

Frida's paintings were described as surrealist but even she joked that she didn't even know she was a surrealist until she was told but she just felt that she painted herself as that is what she knew best. Her work was described as 'A ribbon around a bomb'. Dancing all over subjects of death and most often the subject of her paintings being herself and her life.

So what makes Frida Kahlo fierce and admirable? She was talented, unapologetic, revolutionary, outspoken and a true representation of womanhood. Full of beautiful and true words proof that no matter what we go through in life we should live our life with passion. Love deeply, create freely and speak openly. "Take a lover that looks at you as though you are magic" but most importantly feel that way about yourself!

The Remaining Book Review + Giveaway

My love of zombies seeps out of the screen and onto the pages of my books too. I was lucky enough to be gifted a few copies of the first book in a  Zombie Series called 'The Remaining'. I have 2 press copies to give away to you my lovely followers.
This is the first in D.J Molles best selling series and another book in the series has just been released bringing the series up to a total of 4. This series already has a huge fan following and with the rising love for zombies can only grow in popularity. I have to admit before Orbit Books approached me I hadn't heard of the series but when I heard Zombies I was in.

The book is in first person following a soldier in his mission to help overcome the disease that has taken over the world. After being deployed into a self contained underground bunker for a month we join Lee Harden in his first steps into this new world. Personally I really enjoy the shared emotions of a first person perspective especially in these kind of situations. You can really feel like you are experiencing everything with the character which helps you connect with them while you learn more about them. Even if they do have a hard army exterior.

While Harden has been in the bunker 90% of the population have been infected with the virus and have turned into hyper-aggressive predators. When I first read this I rolled my eyes and though "Uh how 28 days later" but pushed on and it does have a very different spin to it. Fast zombies may not be your bag but they really do make for better reading tension. I really struggled to put the book down and am now hungry for the next in the series. Can Lee Harden keep to his mission to "Survive. Rescue.Rebuild"? Well you have a chance to find out. All you have to do is enter below. This giveaway will run for 2 weeks and there will be 2 winners so get entering! Alternatively you can buy the books over at Orbit books.

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*I was gifted the books for this review but all opinions are my own

Ramones Museum Berlin

I know, I know I have been back from Berlin for over a year now but I love the place so much that I can still find amazing things to talk to you about, I don't know how I went so long without telling you about how awesome the Ramones Museum is. Like every good punk rude grrrl I danced my teens away to Blitzberg pop and wishing I was Sheena the Punk rocker. So when I heard about the Ramones museum it was top of my list to go to. In fact I spent my 30th birthday there.
I wasn't really sure what to expect I had just been told to hunt it out as it was worth seeing and loads of bands stop by to pay a visit It is actually a little coffee shop where you can relax with tea, coffee or even a beer. The Ramones museum was started when a huge Ramones fan wanted to share their memorabilia with other fans Now that is dedication. For a really reasonable 2 euros or something equally cheap you can take a look around at the wall to wall Ramones goodies.
It is worth paying because there is a ton of neat stuff Set lists, lyrics, posters and if you are a big punk fan like me you can totally spend ages geeking out on it all. It is really awesome to see Ramones over the years and lots of their milestones and achievements As such an influential band it is amazing that a fan would share this with fellow punks from around the world. 
Tucked away in the middle of the museum is a little cubby hole which is decked out like a living room You can kick back and chill on a sofa to watch Rock n Roll High school. A film staring the Ramones which is a lot of fun to watch. So much fun me and my lovely Sal were laughing so hard and really rocking out and enjoying ourselves. In fact the woman behind the counter commented she has never heard anyone have so much fun and we had infectious laughs. 
The atmosphere is just so friendly and laid back that we went back a few times just to chill and hang out. All over the walls bands have signed when they have come to visit. Sadly no gigs were due while we were there but I would love to go back and check out a gig some time. Still it is a lot of fun looking at all the signatures of bands that I totally love and knowing they have been at the Ramones museum enjoying it too. 
If you find yourself in the beautiful city of Berlin and want to go somewhere cool and fun for a chilled afternoon then I totally recommend the Ramones museum. Go show them some support so they can keep bringing punk love to the masses of both locals and visitors to Germany. 
Have you been to Berlin? Did you check out the Ramones Museum? what did you think? 

To read more about my time in Berlin check out I Left My Heart In Berlin.

#OOTD Festival Cuteness

While you are reading this I am already sleep deprived, tipsy and possibly knee deep in mud. However this is no excuse to not be looking awesome at the same time. I thought I would keep you entertained with an outfit post of something I will be wearing at the festival.

I bought this dress from the lovely Becky over at Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat? go check her out she has some lovely outfits. This dress caught my eye though as it is crazy colourful and just screams fun,
I love the prom style cute of the press with the mesh top and skater skirt cut. This dress makes me feel super sassy and colourful. Just the right thing to be rocking at a festival! The dress is sleeveless so I added a little cardi, trusty leggings and my battered creepers.
What did you wear to festivals this year?

Festival Hair- Colourful Dreads Elysee Star Review

As you saw me squealing all about Boomtown Fair Festival HERE. I thought I would share my festival hair with you! It has been a bit of a tradition with me and some of my friends that in festival season to make hair more manageable and fun we tend to put in dreads. This year is no exception.

Elysee star dreads cna be bought from Afrocare for a reasonable price. They are a lot cheaper than the handmade dreads that are on the market. Naturally this comes with both pros and cons.


  • They come in an awesome array of colours including transition 
  • They are small and lightweight compared to handmade dreads
  • You can have them in your hair within a few days of ordering. Most handmade dreads take some time to order and wait for. 

  • They are prone to getting fuzzy quicker
  • They cna be itchier than handmade dreads
  • They are more likely to unravel quicker 
Have you used elysee dread before?

Feminism The Eternal Fight

Ever since I was young I always believed in equality but noticed as a working class child in the 80s that women seemed to be getting less and less opportunities and all I knew is that it wasn't right. I wanted to play with monster trucks, and get all the things my brother got. I always spoke out about it.

As I got a bit older I noticed even more that there was so much more pressure on women. Everyone used to ask my brother what he wanted to be when he grew up and they would just ask me what I would like to wear to my wedding. I would general answer I want to be a rock star thanks.

It wasn't until I discovered riot grrrl in my all girls secondary school that I realised I didn't have an attitude problem, I wasn't being cheeky when I would be extra noisy when told "Girls should be seen and not heard". I had just always been a feminist!

Kate makes an awesome point in the quote above. So many people label feminism with a bad name. No, feminism is not about men hating it is about believing that we should live in a world where men and women are equal. A world where women should get equal rights, pay and respect. Not to mention not being scrutinised all the time for what we wear and being labelled. I know these issues are not limited to women but statistically the numbers and cases are a lot higher. Nobody man or woman deserves to be degraded and that is what feminism is about to me, It is about standing up for my own and others rights and letting others know.

I for one embrace when men want to be a part of this movement and so they should. Sadly some feminists give true feminists a bad name. I will never forget being at a feminist workshop and when asked what niggles us about feminism one woman said "Male activists". In the room of 50 plus women was only 2 men. How dare that woman degrade anyone who st rived for the equality of the sexes to me this made her just as bad as those fighting against us. Men please do not be discouraged by such women we need you on our side too.
Not only are some feminists against male feminists but trust me the more you immerse yourself into any world the more your find there are more and More clicks within any movement. This is what sucks about protest there are always people over analysing things and taking ti too far. Like the cyst fems who believe that only women born women can be feminist or I recently saw a hash tag on twitter which was ripping white feminists says all white feminists were middle class girls. Excuse me how are we meant to fight for equality if all we are doing is fighting against each other? How is that going to encourage anyone to want to be a feminist and help us all just become humanists? Which is a question I often get asked. Why am I not just an equalist? My answer...when women have equality then we can work on maintaining that for all but until then I'm a feminist because in a world where women die every day and it goes ignored then feminism needs me.

So you can only imagine my outrage at this new #womenagainstfeminism thing that is going around. For those of you who do not know a lash out at the very important movement of "I need feminism" was created stating the opposite with lots of women degrading themselves and saying things like " I don't need feminism because I adore men" or "I don't need feminism because women are equal in my country". These are ill educated and mis informed ideas of what feminism even stands for. Feminism is not slating men in the slightest. It is saying that as women we should have equal rights that we work just as hard and should get equal pay for equal work. I think that these women need to read a little more about feminism and the women that fought for them to even have the rights they have now. Without feminism women would still be treated no better than dirt on a persons shoe. We wouldn't be able to vote, chose to be a mother or not, work or not or even wear certain clothes. We also need to remember that just because women in one part of the world have more rights we shouldn't turn our backs on our sisters around the world who do not! EQUALLY OF THAT OF MEN WHO SUFFER AROUND THE WORLD. feminism is being a woman who will stand up against inequality.

While I am on the supper rant train I just need to highlight the disgusting posters that were put out by the NHS. Please sign this petition below and stop the victim blaming.


What does feminism mean to you?

#FridayFright- Lifetime In Horror -Dick Smith

I was so sad to hear that Dick Smith has left this world. At a grand old age of 92, what a life he has had. You may be scratching your head now and wondering who? Guaranteed you would have seen some of the magically amazing work of Dick Smith and never even realised it. He has been dubbed the 'Godfather of Make up' beauty bloggers eat your hearts out.  For the longest time I have been wooed by special effects work in horror films. Those who are regular readers will know I yearn to learn the skills myself it amazes me the illusions that can be created with the power of make up it is truly and art form. This man really gave his all to the industry and pioneered so many creative techniques being one of the first to work with latex in patches rather than full masks back in 1945. A big step for the movie world.

Now if you still don't know who he is then think of some of the great films. Taxi Driver, The Godfather, Exorsist and Scanners. Just to name a few. Dick was the man behind all the amazing make up that went into these cult classics. Not only that but he shared his skills with the world. Releasing a book (which I have) which tell you how to create make up effects like Pinhead from Hellraiser. I am always bowled over by anyone who is willing to share their secrets to help inspire others to get into the trade.

Dick's work on the exorcist was also before it's time being the first make up artist to combine make up and practical effects and doing so seamlessly. Tell me that you are not scared of the demon possessed young girl in The Exorcist. The transformation is phenomenal and blows my mind. Just look at the work in the pictures to the left and these were done in the back in the 70s, 80s and 90s when technology and tools were nowhere near what we have these days.

Rightly so his work was recognised in 2012 when he received an Honorary Academy Award. So when you are next watching an awesome film or even just putting on your own make up spare a minute to give a nod to the amazing lifetime of work this legend gave to the world. You will be missed Dick smith.
Do you have a favourite make up artist?