An Adventure In London Games, Cockatils and Sushi

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London has always been the place to be that gets all the first choices on everything be it dining experiences, shows or days out. You will always find these trends and experiences hitting London first. In fact sometimes you can be too spoiled for choice and have no idea what to choose but there is a great website you can use to help you narrow your choices down. So if you know what kind of food you want to eat or what drinks you want it is easy to narrow down into categories. Check out Rhian’s thoughts on the new Watford London Walkabout..

When I am planning a trip to London there is usually something I want to go and see. There was a stunning art show back in November which featured Frida Kahlo's wardrobe and I just adore art shows like this. Right now. At the moment the Victoria and Albert museum who featured the same show has a stunning display of video game design and the culture around this world. Being a gaming nerd and just loving all the graphic design work that has evolved through computer games this sounds like the perfect excuse to go visit London.

All the choice in London as a visitor can sometimes become very daunting and so using a website like squaremeal helps plan a trip better. You can pop in where you're visiting by area or landmark so in my case the Victoria and Albert museum and find great places to drink and dine around there. After a day trekking around awesome shows you definitely work up an appetite. I am a big fan of checking out new places and knowing my budget ahead of time so I love that you can go by the money you want to spend and see what awards they have won. You can even book a table to save you showing up and missing out on getting to dine at the place of your choice. I found two great places I would just have to hit up before running for the train home!

How cute does this place look? After a day of checking out computer games it would be criminal not to go grab Japanese food they are after all the pioneers of amazing games and bring us some amazing culture. Tokyo Sukiyaki-Tei promises great sushi and sake. With great reviews and just check out how cute the place looks too. I just adore Japanese cuisine and getting lots of little sharing plates to share with your friends or love is just so special. I really am a big believer in food bringing people together. After sake I always want more drinks and need to hit up cocktails.

The Mermaid cockail and oyster bar looks just amazing and hello how can you not want to go to a place with mermaid in the name. After dining on sushi you want cocktails that are going to compliment the sea food so this is a great place to go even if you are just looking for cosy drinks. I think I would have to sample some oysters too though to get the full experience. I just adore how intimate and chic this place looks it would be a great date night and they say oysters are an aphrodisiac so if you're looking to swoon your date then this is the place to end a wonderful day out.

where would you go in London for the day?


Green Your Beauty Routine

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Going green in as many ways as possible is very popular. People are very aware of trying to save the planet and being eco-friendly is touching every part of our lives. Even beauty routines can be made green, with just a few simple steps.

Use Multi-Purpose Products

Now that fewer beauty products contain chemicals, you can buy them that can be used on your lips, eyes and cheeks. There are moisturisers that are also sunscreens too. These products can save you money as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Oils Instead Of Moisturisers

Natural oils can be far better for your skin than some commercial moisturisers. Ones such as coconut oil will soak into your skin and will not leave you feeling greasy. You can buy it in most supermarkets at a fraction of the cost of a moisturiser. Tee Tree oil is good for spots and blemishes too. Just a small amount on some cotton wool is all it needs to help you fight off acne.

Eco-Friendly Tools

Opt for tools that are made from sustainable materials. Makeup brushes, for instance, that have bamboo handles and synthetic bristles will work just as well as those that are made from animal fur and often last much longer.

Nail Polishes

Nail polishes have a very distinctive aroma. At least they have had for many years. Now you can
buy toxic free nail polish that does not have that awful smell. It is just as hardy as the traditional ones and your nails will still look beautiful with this on.

There are some on the market that will last a week without chipping, and then you can just peel them off, as there is no nail polish remover needed.

Read The Labels

Always read the labels on any beauty preparations you buy.  Avoid things that have parabens or phthalates in them, as well as sodium lauryl sulphate as this can cause allergies. Though these have been passed as safe to use because of the small amounts included, it never hurts to keep your exposure to them as low as you can.

The makers of beauty products are very aware that consumers are being more cautious about what they buy and if a product is eco-friendly and not tested on animals, they will announce that on the label.

Use Fruit For Your Facemask

Many fruits mashed and mixed with natural yoghurt will act as a facemask without a problem.  Tomatoes are good too because they have powerful antioxidants in them, and honey has antibacterial properties to help keep infections at bay.

Change As You Go

It is very easy when you decide to make a change to go at it full pelt. However, don’t waste anything you already have. Use them first and change to green products as you go. As with many things, this gives you time to alter your routine a step at a time and you will become used to one change before moving onto the next. These baby steps make it far more likely that you will succeed in making your beauty routine green.

How do you green your routine?

How To Improve Your SEO?

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New year also means time for a revamp of your blog right? Revamps don't always need to be pretty changes to the layout or a direction. Maybe you love what you're writing but just don't seem to be getting the hits then maybe you need to look at your SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation which sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. In short it is where you land in google search when certain words are put into the key words. Everyone ideally would love to be that top search on google and there are things you can do to help improve your chances. Even top companies in Toronto use this technique and lots of people make a huge business out of helping improve peoples SEO like this website.

I want to help you improve yours in some simple steps that anyone can do while blogging and writing online. These are tricks used even by the top SEO agency.


Knowing the keyword to use when talking about any subject is important and you can can bump your post with the correct keyword use. Always make sure you use your sidebar keywords too as this not only helps keep your blog easily categorised but also helps you boost up that search engine too. Try and use keywords in your titles too, I know it can be tempting to be cryptic about what the post will be about but more people will find it if you're a bit direct and you can be as fun as you like in the post then.


Nor only does your content need to be compelling enough to bring an audience in but you also want them to stay around for a bit and even better to interact and leave a comment. I know the comment sections seem to be dying out recently and this is where your tribe of readers are super important, Let them know how much you love hearing from them and how much it helps you out when they stop by. The longer people stay on your page and the more they interact or jump on to other posts the better your SEO becomes.

Content length

Great content is easy to read and take in but should also be at least 300-500 words at least a post. You can write more sure just make sure you're not waffling to meet a word count and in the meantime losing the value of what you're actually saying! In other words don't bore and scare away your readers because that's who we write for at the end of the day!


When designing your layout it is important to remember that people consume your blog in a number of ways. They may use their phones, ipads or computer and it needs to be compatible with all of these and easy to navigate. In such a huge market if your page takes too long to load or is just hard to get around the reader will just move on and find someone else who has a mobile accessible site. I can put my hand up and say that most blogs I read I do on my phone these days so I find this a really important tool to consider when putting your blog together.

Has this been of help to you? would you like more posts on blogging?


Luxuries That Make Uni Halls Bareable

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So holiday is over and it is almost time for you to go back to university the thought of leaving that big comfy bed at home for your dorm room seems crazy right? (if you aren't in uni then check out bright minds online school online high school classes) You can bring a few home luxuries though to make it more your own. Everyone wants that perfect place where they can kick back at the end of the day with a hot chocolate .

Mattress topper and bedding

Halls of residence beds are usually super uncomfortable but with the help of a mattress topper and a cosy duvet you can make your bed a haven for after a long day of studying or long night of partying. If you have been having too much to drink from the likes of Naked winery having a lovely bed to nurse that hangover in can really help. You can also make the room look cosy and welcoming with some nice pillows. Can you tell I am all about comfort? Those pillows will come in handy when you are sitting at your desk for long hours getting essays ready. 

Soft Towels and good toiletries

Treat yourself to some little luxuries for the shower with some lovely smelling toiletries and most of all some luxury towels which you can pick up in SaaSoh luxury towels sale
Investing in a set of good quality towels mean they will last you longer and having a few will 
help when it comes to doing laundry!

Well Stocked Cupboards

Always make sure that your food cupboards and fridge is stocked well as if you eat well you
will be able to focus better and concentrate. You could even batch prepare some great jars 
like  www.freedomjars.ca who have great ideas for protein and energy packed foods to keep your mind and body ticking. So when the folks offer to take you shopping just say yes and fill up the fridge. 

Pictures And Personal items

Don't be afraid to make the room your own the more homey you make it the more you will be able to relax. Put up pictures of all your friends and family, have those twinkling fairy lights you always wanted and being your favourite teddy to cuddle on those home sick nights. When I was at university I had a huge collage of all my friends and family that made me smile on sad days and reminded me to just give them a call. 

What luxuries do you have in your room?


5 Reasons To Go To Las Vegas

Hey Cats,

From as long as I can remember I have always wanted to visit Las Vegas . I still haven't managed to make the trip just yet but am so excited about the idea still that I just need to make this happen. To me Las Vegas is full of tacky wonder , lights and excitement.

The Shows

Everywhere you turn in Vegas there is a show, from Britney to magic acts to musicals and show girls. I love a good show and the best of the best have a run in Vegas. I think you could find several shows for every day if you wanted to and there would still be plenty to do. I love visiting places brimming with things to see and do. The bustle of busy feet and laughter of people enjoying themselves is infectious and I thrive in that environment. To performers it may be just another day in the office but a well produced show can leave a lasting impression and really make your trip.


Much like the shows there is a busy nightlife and I imagine thats when Vegas really comes to life. Plenty of parties to go to or casinos to visit. There are some amazing food places that can be experience too! If casinos are your thing just be careful and set yourself a limit and in the words of Kenny Rogers "you gotta know when to walk away" if your losing perk yourself and go out if your winning then great take your winnings and go have fun out on the town.

The Desert

Vegas is actually surrounded by mountain ranges and deserts and this can make an interesting trip for those of us who have never visited the desert before. Having the chance to check out the vast landscapes and take in the views sounds really interesting. There just isn't anything like that near me so sounds like an adventure in the making.

The Grand Canyon

I have always wanted to go to see the Grand Canyon and get the feeling that the sheer vastness has the humbling effect that the sea has. There is just something about experiencing huge natural things and realising how small you are in the world. For me it kind of gives me a bit of a shake up and helps me align any bad feelings and problems I have and get them in check so I would love to check this out and see if thats the impact it has. Plus so many amazing films have featured this landscape so just seeing it would be a bit magical.

To Get Married

The running joke if anyone says they are going to Vegas is if they are going to get married. Truth is I would love to get married in Vegas. No fuss just marrying the one you love without all the crazy debt to go with it. Extra points if it is a themed wedding as you can have anything from Elvis to Dracula helping you along with your special vows.

Have you been yet?



Taking The Next Step With Your Business And Finding A Work Space

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The world is now booming with entrepreneurs from bloggers to re sellers, we are all getting more savvy with making money and growing our business. However this means that we are often working from home and that means we need to set clear lines between what is business time and home relaxing time. For myself I find this an important factor in being able to be productive.

Work space At Home

You need to create a space at home where you can not only work but ideally be able to shut the door to work sometimes. If you have the room to have an office at home that you can close the door to when you're not working then that is amazing, Not everyone has that luxury but if you can create an area that is yours to work in you will find that you can be much more productive in getting work done free from distraction. Lots of people convert spare rooms, garages, sheds and even attics into fun functional work spaces.

Move to an office

 If your business is a stock led business then you really do need the space to thrive and not clutter up your home. If you have that office space then that is amazing but especially in family homes sometimes there just isn't the space. If your business is doing well then it may be time to invest in some office space. Office moving from your home to an actual space of your own while pricey means that you get a clear definition between work and home which can really help with stress levels. It also makes it easier to employ staff, hold meetings and not have your stock all over your house which then will help you be more productive at work. There are lots of movers that can help you make the big move just search near me and look for local companies.

Hot Desking

If your business is not stock related so you don't need to have an office but you still want to define work and home time then you can try hot desking. This could be as simple as going to your local library or even coffee shop to just use a space outside of home to get into your work head space or there are companies who offer desk space. You can rent these by the hour or day and some cities are even lucky enough to have a creative space where creatives can hot desk together which helps with networking.

Where do you find you work best?


3 Mistakes We All Make When Moving Home

Hey Cats,

The new year is here and for lots of people I am sure this means packing up and moving somewhere new. I have moved a fair share of times before I settled where I am now so have learnt a fair few things like all the things to do and all the things not to do also! Pheonix moving company to hire asked me to explore some of these with you! So I am going to talk about the things we all do wrong and how we can fix them to make the move as smooth as possible!

Packing Last Minute

We all start that one box with good intention and then get bored and keep putting it off because it can be a bit of a boring and emotional activity. Then all of a sudden moving day is a few days away and we end up packing everything in a panic. I have learnt from this mistake and now have the perfect packing routine down. Now is the time to totally evaluate how much stuff you actually want to take forward into the new house but we will talk about that in the next mistake. Taking the time to pack each room and label into different boxes will help so much when it comes to unpacking as you know what room they need to go into and which to priorities when unpacking.

Not Decluttering First

We all have a ton of stuff we just don't need anymore and if you started your packing early it gives you plenty of time to have three boxes on the go each time. One for the bin or recycling with all those random greeting cards you held onto from primary school. Another to donate to charity of preloved books, DVDs and clothes you never wear anymore. If you're not using it charity shops rely on donations so why not send your things to a good place where they can make money for an amazing cause. The the box of things you want to bring forward into your new home. If you gave yourself plenty of time for errands then you will have time to nip to charity shops or sell any furniture you don't want anymore. Remember if you don't manage to sell the furniture and don't want to take it with you then you can also get these collected by a local charity.

Trying To Move Everything Yourself

The main thing about this is hiring a van for one drop and having the illusion that you can do it all in one drop and lets face it unless you just had a room then this is not going to happen. So many people shy away from hiring a companies to do it for them. Pheonix and moving companies like them are there to help make your move smoother and easier. They can do all the heavy lifting and have the lorry or vans to do a big move for you. If you have labelled all your items they can put them into the rooms you need them in and then not only will you have bags of energy to unpack and get nested quicker but you won't feel half as stressed.

There are some more tips on this website for moving! What mistake do you always make when moving home?


Building A Successful blog in 2019!

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So the first thing you need to think when trying to create a successful blog is that your blog is actually a business. If you don't make money from it that is fine but still take a tip from successful business men and women like Roland Dickey Jr  and Laura Rea Dickey of Dickeys Franchise fame. What has that got to do with blogging you may be asking? Blogging and any business have the same goal in mind and that is to be the best in their field and Roland Dickey Jr has the drive and determination that any successful business person needs.

Know your market

Know your direction and who you're aiming your blog at, I personally suck at this as I love to dip my toe into lots of areas. Some bloggers separate their content into different blogs so they can really home in on their audience with fashion on one blog, advice on another and blogging tips on a blog related blog.  Check out lifestyle done right and this fab book review by Scrapbook blog.This is great and if you really want to be known for one thing and get successful this is the way to do it. Although juggling a lot of blogs can be very time consuming you can still get that feel and blog varied content on one blog,

If you know your audience then you can reach out to them and let them know you write about lots of things but you have a place for them right here. This is where your categories are important. The most important tool for any lifestyle blogger is to make the different content easy to find. Someone may only be interested in your fashion content and if you have it all on one place they can jump to it easily. That way if someone comes to your homepage to read a post they can see quickly that you write about a varied range of subjects and they may read another post about something different.

Do your research

Ask your readers what they would like to see more of on your blog! It is that easy, where do you interact with them most? You can use a survey site or a poll on social media to do a little research into who reads your blog, where they access it from and even if people on social media even know you have one. This can also give you an idea on the range of people who read your content and what they enjoy the most. This data is vital in helping you put a plan together on what you need to work on next. If you discover that your twitter followers didn't know you have a blog then talk to them about it share your posts more and create that conversation.

Interact and be present

Interact with your readers and make them feel the valued people they are. Always take the time to respond to comments and questions asked. Use your social media as often as possible connecting with people more will means they want to come back and chat and learn more about what you have to tell them which is why people enjoy reading blogs because it is a real opinion from a real person and not just a package put together in an office.

How will you make your blog successful in 2019?