Bags For The Adventurer with Mahi Leather

Hey Cats,

It seems like I am on the eternal hunt for the perfect every day bag. I always seem to carry a lot around with me as I am shooting from one place to another and out the house for long days which means needing a good sturdy practical bag to take on my adventures. The problem with buying bags from the average high street retailer is even when spending around £50 the bag will ultimately not last that long. That's because a lot of high street store have to compromise to bring us quality which I learnt when I came across Mahi Leather.

Mahi are a brand that scream adventure and fun to me bringing together practical and stylish designs that I would definitely proud to rock everywhere I go. Mahi are an ethical brand who want to bring creators and customers together making sure that both parties get the best possible deal. With cutting out a middle sales person they are able to save so much on waste. All bags are made for the client from scratch meaning the leather used is only what is needed and waste is cut down dramatically, The cutting of waste saves money which then allows the quality to be increased. To me ethics of a company are very important and sometimes its so hard to find a designer quality item with a reasonable price tag and ethical standards, Also helping support the creator to get more money for their designs and craftsmanship is priceless.

I was even more impressed when I found out that for every bag sold $1.50 is given to FRANK water charity. So if you needed that little extra push in purchasing one of their amazing bags it helps an awesome cause and that is pretty rad in my books.They give heaps of information on the website about how the money helps the charity. I mean just imagine not even having clean water to drink and in exchange for helping the charity with your purchase you get a bag which will last you. The name for the company Mahi even comes from the name of the Mahi river. A lot of thought goes into this company and a lot of care and I can only imagine this is also transported into the actual product itself. Something that companies who mass produce products do not provide.

The time and dedication going into bags means that some little personal touches can also go into the design when it is being made. One of the ways they do this is even adding initials onto the bag where you can not only choose what you have but you can even choose the colour of the stitching for the initials. This is a handy feature to have on a bag if you are in school or travel a lot because then it will make your bag stand out that little bit more and be easy to spot amongst the sea of boring bags. The bags they have on offer are far from boring. There are a range of holdall and satchel type bags and even make up and wash bags. My Favourite is the Harvard satchel with a front pocket and classic fastening it really is a timeless piece.

While you're browsing the bags make sure to take a peak at Mahi's Instagram it is full of beautiful adventurous pictures that will fill you with inspiration to pack up their bags with essentials and hit the road to discover new places and begin your journey.

Will you join the adventure?

A day out exploring Matlock Bath

Hey Cats,

With moving to new areas comes new adventures and new places to explore. Just down the road from my new house is a fantastic place called Matlock Bath. It's like a seaside town but instead of a sea there's a river. A road of arcades, fish and chip shops and sweet shops what more could a grrrl ask for? With Mama Kaos coming to visit we had the perfect excuse to potter down and show her around.

Matlock bath is all based along the river side and does have a very busy road but there is so much to do that you barely notice the road and on weekend especially Sunday it is full of Bikers, I love seeing all the different bikes and the bikers bring a fun and vibrant friendly atmosphere. You will know in an instant the bad rep the movies give bikers isn't true when you see a big burly man with his ice cream.

The street is full of amusement arcades, fish and chip shops and cool little craft shops. I was so excited to explore the arcades and play on 2p machines which are my weakness. I could play them all day. One arcade even has a small aquarium which we decided to have a look around. It only cost £2 to go in and we had a fun time looking at all the fish and then there is even a hologram room. You get your moneys worth and it may not be sea life centre but a fun addition for any family to add to their day. The little one just loves spotting all the different fish and for the adults at the end there's a little bit of history of Matlock bath which used to be a swimming pool and is now a huge fish pond that still attracts community spirit.

If fish and chips are your jam then you will be spoilt for choice of places to eat but if not there is also pub grub and little cafes. There is even a chocolate shop who have a signature hot chocolate that is a must to try on my list. There is a little park for the kids to play in so you can even bring a picnic on a nice day. One of the things I was most excited about was finding a bomb cosmetics distributor and being able to browse the products in person as I had only ever really looked at them online before. I couldn't resist picking up a few goodies for myself but wanted a bit of everything.

Matlock bath has become one of our favourite places to go visit recently and we even went to Gulliver's recently which the boys loves!

Have you been to Matlock Bath?

Specs appeal Perfect glasses Walden review

Hey Cats,

I have worn glasses since I was 2 years old but over the last few years I haven't been rocking specs and I thought it was time to break them out again because how awesome are girls in glasses and I always feel like they are super glam. Perfect glasses asked me if I would like to try a pair from their range and when I had a look at what was to offer I just had to say yes. Searching for glasses online takes away so much of the stress.

There are SO many frames to choose from for men and women you can even get complete glasses from as cheap as £9! I really loved the versatile range available in women's glasses with an amazing range of designer frames available as well as affordable but still very nice frames. I did fall a little bit in love with these Marc Jacobs frames.

The site is actually really easy to have a look around or if you know exactly the kind of frame you want you can narrow it down to the shape, colour and even material. Ever since a sunburn related incident on an American holiday I have so not been into metal frames so this function is something I really appreciate and saves you hours of scrolling through frames that are of no interest to you. That can make glasses shopping so frustrating and disheartening...trust me I have been doing this a while now. I instantly knew I wanted a cat eye inspired frame. I was really impressed to get a good selection of varying cat eye.

You can also use a nifty little trying on tool to see how the frames may look. I had loads of fun playing around with that. Sadly the Marc Jacobs were just a little out of my price range this time although Perfect Glasses have lots of great deals such as half price sales so just keep an eye on the website if you fall for a more expensive choice. I decided to go for something more affordable to see what the difference in quality would be like. They do a frame called the Walden collection which come in some beautiful and wacky colours but the pin up grrrl in me is always drawn to leopard print and a more neutral colour that can go with lots of things. At a pocket saving £29 I wasn't expecting too much. Then they arrived and I was super impressed.

I just adore the hints of blue in this frame it gives a subtle pop of colour. The frame is amazing quality as good as any other frame I have bought from any other glasses retailer at over double the price. They make me feel like a bit of a diva which I totally dig! They are also really comfortable and I had no problem with slipping because when you usually get glasses they are adjusted to your ears and so I wondered how this would work here but they are perfect for me!

As you can see I am very happy with my frames. Have you checked out perfect glasses?

*glasses were gifted for review but all opinions my own