50 Annoying Phrases From The Office

Hey Cats,

I have to say currently working from home has its benefits and although I miss the social side of working in an office there are some things I don't miss. Having worked in lots of target driven and fast paced media roles meetings and management seem to adopt some crazy jargon and phrases that can although with the best intentions be super annoying! 

It seems I am not alone as after some research Citrix found out what phrases really got on the nerves of lots of people in the UK. Here are some of the top contenders.

Do you hear these around your office? Did they miss any out?

*this has been a collaboration 


  1. I am so very guilty of 'going forwards' .... we're also knee deep in project managers which means I've started speaking in acronyms like they do! It's a whole other language!

    C xx

    1. I am so guilty of over using empowering and lets empower haha x

  2. I use to hear some of these phrases at work a lot. Thank God I work from home now. Lol x