British Family Japanese candy and snack tasting (World of snacks review)

Hey Cats,

After a Christmas full of food what better time to talk to you about a new foodie subscription box! World Of Snacks are a new subscription service who send snacks from all around the world once a month. Every month has a country theme and this months was Japan. If your family are anything like mine then you love snacking on new things and especially interested in the difference between cultures.

After confirming the box came super quickly in the regular post but it was so nice to come home and find a box full of goodies to try out. We managed to restrain ourselves and wait until the whole family was together to try out the box. Check out our tasting below.


The box is amazing value for money at only £13.99 per box which includes the postage. I was really pleased with the amount of snacks we got in the box it was jam packed with as much as could fill the box and to buy them all desperately would cost a small fortune....that is if you could find the items because lets face it this box is about discovering new fun snacks. I was also delighted with the variety of sweet and savoury. The Mr is more of a savoury man where as me and the little one are sweet fiends.

You can buy the box monthly or pay for a few months in advance or even send as a gift to someone which I think is a really sweet idea. Just imagine having a cruddy day and coming home to find that you had been sent an awesome box of sweets and snacks from across the world to try.

Watch the video to find out which were our favourites and let us know if you have tried any!

Box was gifted for review but all views are our own

Tattoo Removal The Basics

Hey Cats,

These days it seems like everyone and their best mate has a tattoo and it is so amazing that the world has become more accepting of people being more diverse. Although I do see people who are tattoo clad getting younger and younger. I LOVE any form of art and body art is the most amazing expression of who a person is however I do think that there is a danger of tattoos becoming a fashion piece and then what happens when the fashion changes?  Think carefully about your choices but also e aware of the options out there.

I am amazed at how far medical advances have come and that now for as little as £70 you are able to start the process of removing a tattoo form your body. A few of my friends have grown out of the tattoos they had in their younger days or simply want to remove a bad memory from their life and have started the process of laser tattoo removal. Check out the video below to find out a little more about the process from pulse light clinic who offer laser tattoo removal in London.

It is amazing how it works using a new laser technology from Picosure during the treatment the laser light is used on the skin to break the ink down into smaller pieces which are then broken down and naturally absorbed by the body. The picosure laser is different from most as it is able to use photo mechanical principles which really help this method work in breaking down even the most stubborn of inks.

Now I am not saying rush out get tattoos just because there is now an option to remove them but I am saying that there are people out there who do need this amazing service and it really does make me feel less nervous about the idea of getting a tattoo myself.

Have you had a tattoo removed?

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Four Freebie Websites Worth A Second (And Third!) Look

Hey Cats,

Consumers love a great deal, and they are constantly looking for products that they can get at either a good discount or completely free. As a result, a number of websites have popped up that help people score great deals. It is important to remember, though, that not all of these websites are created equal. A few of the best are outlined here, including the advantages and disadvantages of using each.

1. Ilovefreegle.org

Freegle has been around for about seven years and is not quite a popular as some of the other sites out there (although it still has about two million members). The site is easy to understand, and it is simple to figure out who has something to offer in your area.

What's good about this site? Freegle is an award-winning site, receiving accolades for the work it has done for the environment. In addition, Freegle notifies members via Twitter if there is something noteworthy posted on the site.

What's not so good about this site? In order to sign up, you either have to have a Facebook account, a Twitter account or an email account with either Google or Yahoo. In addition, there are a few groups where you have to get approval before you can begin hunting for deals.

2. Freecycle.org

Freecycle first popped up in the United States, and the site is very comprehensive. There are millions of people that use this website all across the world. When you log on, you can look through groups that are in your area, so that you can interact with local sellers. Members can either list an item that they are giving away or they can post an ad asking for a particular item.

What's good about this site? First, it's a non-profit, and their goal is to cut back on the amount of waste that is added to landfills each year. They do this by providing a forum for members to give away, rather than throw away, their unused items. in addition, because so many people use the site, there are a lot of items to be found across many different categories. You can search in groups local to you as well as in groups that are not, as long as you are willing to travel to get an item.

It does not cost any money to sign up for this site. You simply need an email and have to choose a password. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook account.

What's not so good about this site? For starters, many members don't put up pictures of the items they are giving away. That means you might go to pick something up, only to realize it isn't want you want or need. In addition, the site earns money through advertising, so you see them pop up as you browse around.

What's good about this site? The freebies in question come from companies and not other people. There are a wide variety of items offered up, and you can sign up to get the newsletter so you know what is offered and when it is offered. The site also gives you information on deals and discounts that you can score at certain stores. Finally, users rate the deals, which is helpful information.

What's not so good about this site? Some deals you can only get through Facebook.

4. Gumtree.com

Gumtree is a fairly popular site that operates a lot like eBay. Members put up items that are for sale, and they can also list items that they want to buy. In addition, it is not uncommon to see listings for jobs or pets.

What's good about this site? There are a wide variety of items that are posted on Gumtree. Are you looking for music lessons? Do you need a copy of an out-of-print book? Chances are that you can find what you need on Gumtree. In addition, there is no sign in required. Simply navigate over to the page, find something that you like, and then email the person that is selling it.

What's not so good about this site? You have to pick up the items yourself, which makes some people nervous. In addition, the site is filling with advertisements which are often hard to avoid.

What are your favourite money saving sites?

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Gift Guide For Him Designer For Cheaper

Hey Cats,

We all have men in our life in one way or another. Dads, boyfriends, Husbands, brothers and many more family members who we write increasingly larger Christmas lists for. I always get stuck with what to buy, everyone says that ladies are hard to buy for but give me a book, perfume or a pretty dress and I am pretty much happy. I discovered a way you can support an independent business while still getting well known brands, Stand Out was created in 2005 to deliver quality designer goods with a fraction of the price tag. All in a one stop shop of a website. They work with over 70 designer brands to choose from with well known converse to Diesel a little bit of something for everyone but most importantly cheap men's clothes. I had a little look around and picked out a few perfect gifts for the men in your life,


A great selection of shirts from a wide range of designers are available that are versatile for all age groups. I loved this check carhartt shirt which even though it is bang on trend is stile wearable for an older gent. Plus who said dad can't be stylish eh? I always get my dad a belt and socks too but from Stand Out you can do it with style.


I am in love with this lumberjack style jacket and especially if your Mr rocks a beard like mine they look lovely while keeping him warm. The Gant boxers are a great gift and you can always get him to model them for you. Every man should own or have owned a pair of converse and they are a fraction of the price from Stand out.


When I think of brothers I always seem to think of younger brothers and I wanted to show you there was a full range of men's clothes for all ages. This G star coat is amazing especially if they were teamed with some awesome socks and a super cool hype backpack.

I hope you have a few more ideas to add to your Christmas shopping while saving a bit of cash on those higher priced items if they are what you want to buy for the men in your life.

Have you checked out stand out?

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Crazy Beauty Expectations and Procedures

Hey Cats,

We live in a world of medical advances that just blow my mind every day but with the good comes the down right crazy. People put way too many expectations and pressure on how their bodies should look and be to be accepted by society, Especially as a woman these things are thrown in our face every day. So lets explore procedures and I want to know your thoughts on them?

I think it is amazing that doctors can reconstruct and create the human body. I am a strong believer in anyone right to change their bodies or not if they wish, after all it is their body. However I am also a body positive advocate and a believer that you should always strive to love the body you're in and step away from the constant need for acceptance from others.

Plastic Surgery  was once something only the stars could afford and mainly used for vanity reasons. Boobs must be bigger, waist must be smaller and face perfect. So many people get addicted to adjusting their looks and even more recently with the decrease in price this enables people to take the ability to change themselves too far such as to look like their favourite celebrity. There are countless Micheal Jackson impersonators who have gone under the knife but more recently in the media was a man who had got himself deeper into debt in the attempt to look like David Beckham purely because he is idolised as looking like the 'perfect' man in the media. Sadly he he was only 19 years older and  he maybe needs to look deeper and discover the amazing body positive community but then he says he is happy and who am I to judge.

There are so many amazing positive points to plastic surgery too though like the ability to reconstruct someones body after an accident, or help someone who genuinely is happier after having a nose job. For some people making a drastic change will be the only hurdle they can consider to help them reach that happiness within them.

On a similar line would be labiaplasty in which women alter the look of their labia, How many times have you actually took a good look at your vagina in the mirror and really appreciated it? How many other vaginas have you seen? I'm not talking about in glamorised porn where every inch of a body is reviewed and even adapted before being presented on screen. If you must take porn as your way to see what other women look like then look at unedited less mass produced porn instead. Most importantly though understand that everyone looks different. Some labia are small and concealed and some are pronounced and chubby. Before considering something this extreme learn more about your own body. Again there are also positive sides to a procedure like this being available meaning that women who were born into a different biological gender can now make the transition of gender reassignment and have the choice of having labia if they so wish.

Then of course there is Anal Bleaching another unrealistic beauty standard that has come from mass produced porn. Women and men desire the pinkest bumholes in the illusion or belief that it means it is cleaner and more acceptable, If your bottom has a pigmentation different to that of nude or even pink it doesn't mean that you're not clean or that your partner will be repulsed. However if you do choose that anal bleaching is for you do it safely.  Make sure you do your research and make sure you know what you are doing before jumping in bum first.

Most of all no matter what your choices just make sure you do them for you and love yourself first. 

What are your opinions? Have you ever anal bleached? 

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Saving Money This Christmas

Hey Cats,

That dreaded almost last pay day before Christmas looms and we all want to treat the ones we love to lots of amazing things but life still throws bills at us. You can still get lots of amazing presents with a few money saving tips that I like to use.

Charity Shops

Charity shops have really upped their game and people have become so much more generous. If you go into quality Charity shops now you can find lost of either brand new with tags items or barely used. I know I am bias because of my job but I see so many bargains every day and you can really stretch that money a little further. Not only that but you are also doing a good deed and helping out those who need support. So next time you are out shopping don't forget to support your favourite cause by popping in and seeing what they have on offer,

Voucher Codes

There are lots of websites just dedicated to helping you get a cheaper deal with anything from a few pennies off to a huge 50% off. Voucheroo has some amazing deals on at the moment from well known retailers like Curry;s, Asos and more. So before you click for that big purchase or even a little treat for yourself have a look. The thing I love most about using Voucheroo over other voucher websites is that they have an easy list of all the retailers they currently have offers with so you can just browse quickly and then have a look. It is also a great way to find presents you may not even have thought of. A great way to discover new brands too! While I was browsing I found some awesome discounts for Debenhams, Boots and Simply be. All places I was going to shop anyway so I wasn't complaining at that saving.

Make Something

You don't even have to be super creative to make presents for people. I have had my fair share of pinterest fails but you have to fail a few times to get good at anything in life, I have a huge folder full of great little gifts you can put together and even better when its bulk presents, Check out my Pinterest.

Do you have any money saving tips?

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Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb Review

Hey Cats,

Recently I did a huge lush haul and granted most of it was Halloween goodies but I just couldn't resist a few other goodies. I had seen the northern lights bath bomb a billion times but never tried it so that just had to change. Slowly I am working my way through all the Lush products I can and am yet to find one I am disappointed with.

Northern lights is such a big and colourful bath bomb that it is hard to miss it. Full of vibrant purples, yellow and blue. Enough to cheer up any miserable winter day and after a long day at work I was so excited to see what colours this would create in the bath. I even took the time to film it for you all. You may have caught it over on Instagram but you can check it out here too.

I loved watching the bath bomb whizz around like a firework but at first was a little disappointed there wasn't even more colour. The bath water had colourful bubbles but had turned a murky colour. Almost a dark green but when I swished it about it changed to purple and as soon as I jumped into the bath I could instantly feel the ylang ylang oil soothing and working magic on my skin. Although this bath bomb does smell lovely it is more of a subtle floral scent that relaxes and calms. I had the longest bath I have had in a long time and really kicked back with some music. There were lots of lovely bubbles too which you don't always get with a bath bomb which is why I favour the bubble bars but I loved the pretty bubbles this one created.

After I got out the bath my skin felt so smooth and lovely but there wasn't a major lasting scent that I expect of lush bath bombs. If I am using a whole bath bomb I prefer to be drenched in the smell of it so I can bask in the lovely scent for the rest of the evening. It was worth the money though and if I wanted a relaxing soothing bath again I would reach for this one,

Have you tried northern lights yet?

Finding Photographers through Bidvine (review)

Hey Cats,

As you know me and the Mr got engaged. Which means now we are frantically saving our money up for a wedding...one we haven't really thought about other than browsing rock'n'roll bride and staring at my gorgeous engagement ring. So I decided it was time to start getting some quotes so I knew just how much I needed to budget for. Now we aren't looking to have a huge wedding so watch this space for lots of ideas and diy attempts. I want to take you on the journey with us.

One of the most important things about a wedding day (other than marrying the person you love duh) is capturing the moment beautifully so you can share your beautiful memories for life. So to me a photographer is so important to have on the big day. I wanted to get together some quotes that were no obligation as we haven't even booked the big day yet and just wanted to get some ideas. Then I found out about Bidvine

Bidvine allows you to hire local professionals and easily get quotes. So I gave it a go. It was easy to join using an existing social media account. I signed up using my google id so there were no boring forms and I could jump straight in to exploring the site. It doesn't just stop at photographers there are all kinds of services available, All you have to do is put in the service you're looking for (which for me was a wedding photographer) then add your postcode and bidvine will do the rest for you. Bidvine then reviews your area and the contractors and professionals available and they can get in touch through the site to give you a quote. If you prefer to be contacted by phone you can choose that option also.

I had a response within the hour even though Bidvine advised me it could take a few days. I was really impressed at how quick the service was and you are able to read about the professional and any reviews they already have from people who have already used their services, For me this is a fantastic service as I have just moved to the area so it is vital to find trusted and respectable local professionals.

We still have a lot of saving to go yet but I think this is an excellent service that I will definitely be using again,

Have you heard of Bidvine?

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Superdrug Haul

A-Z Of Inspirational Women P is for....

Hey Grrrls,

If you re new to the blog this is the part where we celebrate amazing women and their achievements. These are all women who have inspired me in one way or another and I always want to find out who inspires you too! When it came to thinking of ladies that begin with P that inspire me I suddenly realised there are loads. Maybe that's a sign to name your daughters with a name beginning with P. As always I am most influenced by musicians and artists.

Patti Smith the one and only, Patti to me is the ultimate in punk rock star. Crowd surfing with her big back combed hair and men's suit with a big finger up at all those who said women need to be feminine. Patti Smith is beauty in its rawest form and man can she write songs and make music. I remember being a teenage girl lying on my bedroom floor and being taken  away to another place by this magical woman. To this day a book of her lyrics is still one of my favourite books, A woman full of wisdom in a guardian interview recently she was quoted saying "You decide your own fate. Are you going to fall apart or own it?".

Next up is a lady you will all probably know very well and that is the every beautiful and talented Paloma Faith.

I bow down to all that is Paloma. Her voice is like stepping back to the blues it is beyond beautiful and when I went ti see her live and she covered Billie Holiday I just died on the spot. She gives her all on stage and just blew me away. Sadly I haven't got to see her since but would go again in a heartbeat. Ti still feel like that 5 years on is a rare mainstream gig experience for me, She is quirky, firey and boy does she have a voice. She can act too catch her playing a goth in st trins.

I told you women in music had my heart and the next one is no different to that.Another woman that oozes glamour and writes beautiful music is the one and only miss PJ Harvey. Her dark hair and red lips caught my heart in down by the water,

Never afraid to rock body hair or get half naked with the world watching. Dare I say she is the female Nick Cave she did an amazing cover with him  in which she sounds just amazing. I am utterly swooning over Pj for life she is so chilled and relaxed and always my bubble bath music, she is a true poet. Her lyrics are beautifully dark and alluring.

Last but not least for today's inspirational women is the every amazing Patricia Day from horrorpops.

Not only is she my ultimate style icon but she plays a mean upright bass, She is also the lead singer and has the most beautiful voice singing about horrific beauty like zombies, being a rebel and the band even have psychobilly gogo dancers. She is a psychobilly queen who makes me want to have bangs so badly. She has been both curvy and small and rocked them with utter class and body confidence.

Who do you think is an inspirational woman? check out the rest of the series .

Must-Have Autumn/Winter Trends with a Punk Edge

Hey Cats

With all the offerings of the seasonal fashion scene, it can be a bit tricky to sift through them all and find the ones that are the perfect fit for your seasonal collection. Luckily, the Autumn/Winter 2016 catwalks were dotted with pieces that combined retro details, feminine silhouettes, and edgy finishes all in one go. Add these cold-weather trends to your wardrobe to infuse your ensembles with just the right amount of glam-punk style.

Shearling Bomber Jackets

When it comes to timeless outerwear, there’s no denying that the bomber jacket is at the top of the list of styles that seem to reappear season after season. This time around, the classic silhouette is joined by another vintage-inspired detail: shearling. Seen lining nearly every bomber jacket that floated down the runways this fall, shearling is equal parts warm and cool.The Huffington Post notes that this outerwear staple comes in an array of colours, from neutral shades to wildly vibrant hues, and can be oversized or fitted with the shearling trim hugging the neck and edges of the coat. Thanks to these modern updates, the bomber is once again the must-have statement maker of the season.

Combat Boots

It goes without saying that boots are an essential wardrobe item during the chilly fall and winter seasons. But when it comes to which boots to wear, the decision isn’t always as much of a no-brainer. Luckily, designers all seem to agree that there is one style worth investing in this season: the combat boot. Combining comfort with military-inspired details, the combat boot is reflective of the punk and grunge fashion movement that is once again at the forefront of style. You simply can’t go wrong with this trend, whether you opt for a flat, lace-up style in classic black leather or a chunky heel in a bold hue. And there's much more than just Dr. Martens. Many major designers are offering their own military inspired shoes as seen in Lyst's assortment of boots from Ferragamo. Not sure what to pair them with? Try wearing yours with a collarless wool jacket and skinny cut-off jeans to create the perfect weekend ensemble with a no d to punk style.

Dramatic Black

If the majority of your outfits generally consist of black, black, and more black, this season’s goth-inspired trend is right up your alley. Who What Wear says that this is no gentle foray into lightweight goth garb either. Designers have opted for full-on dramatic, theatrical ensembles that match the steampunk Victorian era with modern twists like denim jackets or tweed skirt suits. Of course, as with any fashion trend, there’s always a little bit of wiggle room in the interpretation, whether that means rocking your favourite head-to-toe black ensembles with no shame or mixing in more metallic hardware-embellished pieces. With this trend, there’s no such thing as too much drama.

what are your winter trend tips?

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Would you take amenities for granted?

Hey Cats,

With moving to the countryside recently I have become more in touch with all the things I took for granted whilst living in the city. So when I got asked what it would be like to live in an even more remote area I really got to thinking, Being a farm girl I am no stranger to hard work but wonder how many people realise the efforts that goes into day to day tasks when you don't have the amenities we have become so used to.

Look at those views they are beautiful right? I grew up in the beautiful countryside of Wales which wasn't so different from this stunning view. We had our own stream and well but even there we had neighbours close by and energy like electric and gas to give us that little helping hand every day. For me Gas and electric are the biggest things we take for granted all the time. We come home from work to our perfectly timed heating that allows us to just jump straight into a warm shower and settle down to our electronic devices. I already think we need to step away from devices and talk to each other now and again which is why I don't blog as often anymore it isn't because I don't love you grrrls and guys but quality family time is so important and just being able to go out or even stay in and chat is the best.

Round by me lots of people have log burners but with log burners it means you have to source economical and environmentally sustainable and friendly wood. You can't just walk up to your nearest tree and chop it down which is why I think gas is so valuable, It has a way of heating you to the core and really warming up those bitter cold days. Trust me after years of only electric heaters I take my central heating seriously it just keeps the house warmer for longer. In the sticks though you wouldn't be able to have central heating because the demand for gas pipes and lines wouldn't be there so it wouldn't be so readily available. However Flogas seem to have some great alternatives. You can get a gas cylinder to use in a fire or as a water heating source to give you more time to kick back with a book. I know if I lived in such a beautiful place I would love to read and explore all day long.

What would you miss if you moved to a beautiful but isolated region?

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Degustabox October unboxing

Hey Cats,

It is that time again to discuss Degustabox and what goodies were in it this month. Here is the unboxing.

Now what did I think of all the items.

Beloved date heart snacks were super cute and a tasty alternative to chocolate...although the chocolate flavour was my favourite. I will be picking these up and have already seen them in my local supermarkets. They cost the same as a chocolate bar at around 70p and are totally worth it. In the box there were several flavours.

Pitch Choco Barre individually wrapped chocolate brioche are handy for lunch boxes and were nice enough but not very exciting. They were fresh and tasty though so if this is your kind of lunch box filler try them out.

Souper soups - There were two of these which we took for lunches we had to flip a coin for who got which and I took the pork and jalapeno. It smelt delicious but was more a bowl of beans then a soup. Mr K took the super green soup and said he felt like it was nice just bland. We wont be in a hurry to grab these ones but if you are looking for a way to get more protein into your diet then this is a great way.

Snapea rice snacks were my favourite product in the box. I love snap peas and these were like crisps only made from rice and with a snap pea flavour. We really enjoyed these and I will be keeping an eye out for them,

 Levi roots coat and cook - We already use Levi roots products in our house and love them and this one was just as good. Both working full time we are always on the look out for quick but tasty dinners and this was simple to use but giving the meal that extra kick,

Fusian noodles were nice enough on their own but I think they would be tastier used within a stir fry. Not a huge fan of the curry flavour but would check out some others if I see them.

Minion Pasta and pasta sauce - We saved this especially for the little one and he loved it. It was just like buying thsoe small pots of pasta but not in a can and being able to add a healthier edge.

Hersheys cookies and cream- grrrrl be serious its chocolate that I already love but in bigger packaging hell yes please!

Jim jams choco spread- this had a smooth consistency which is much nicer and much more chocolatey than any other chocolate spread I have ever had and I can get on board with that. We loved this.

You can grab your own Degustabox they are mega value for money and a great way to try new products and by using the code LP9OX you can get a huge £7.00 off your first box. 

Let me know if you try it! 

Got Your Number

Hey Cats,

Have you ever been stuck for the best way to contact a company. You get on their website and suddenly there are million phone numbers listed and you just don't know which one is the one you need to get your problem solved quickly without worry.

There have been many a time when my internet has gone down, i have needed to sort taxes or I just need a taxi number and instea dof hitting google there is a site where you can get all that info in just one stop. Contact number Uk  are a new service who can get you numbers for any UK service you can think of. I used them to look up Sky and EE, They are a new company and the best thing is they are there for our needs. So if you go direct to the Sky website or your bank for example you will be given the premium number to call where as contact number Uk are looking at getting the most cost effective numbers for the companies we all know and use because lord knows when something gies wrong the last thing you want is to be stuck on the phone for ages when it is costing a fortune,

Have you heard of contact number uk?

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Super Lush Haul including Halloween

Hey Cats,

One thing that sucks about living in the country is not being able to just up into some of my favourite shops. When Lush released their Halloween I popped to Birmingham but to my horror on the day I went they had very limited stock so I decided to order online. I have always worried about ordering such delicate items online but was not about to miss out on these delicious smelling treats. The website is pretty easy to use but you miss out on the bubbly customer service you get in store. I love chatting to Lush staff and always find them so genuinely friendly and helpful. Digging into a lush box is like searching for treasure.

Although I get that they are trying to keep the packaging environmentally friendly I was a little disappointed that the items didn't come labelled in little baggies as some are for gifts but I got some cute tissue paper to get around that and labelled them up myself. More importantly what did I get? I totally needed the Halloween range so I went a little crazy.

I picked up two of the Monster Ball bath bombs one for myself and another for a friend. They are such a cute design reminding me of Monsters Inc and they smell so good. This bath bomb contains a mix of lime and neroli oils and is a large bath bomb so you get a lot for the price tag. I can't wait to slip into a monster bath of this. I also picked up the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb I love the colour of this one. I am always instantly drawn to green and love that it contains popping candy and patchouli oil. The popping candy helps this pagan inspired bath bomb explode in the water. 

I couldn't resist the adorable ghost bath melt and even though he is tiny I think that just adds to how cute he is and sometimes the best things come in tiny packages, 'Boo' also contains cocoa butter and any Lush product that I have used like this has left me feeling amazing and my skin silky smooth. Have you seen this glittery bubble bar of amazingness? I need all the glittery pumpkins in my life and this fills my glittery needs, \A citrus bubble bar that will add that zing to your day, I don't mind that I will be finding glitter everywhere for weeks. 

The last of the Halloween bath bombs that I picked up was the Pumpkin which promised to bring me a bath of pure pumpkin pie. Literally being able to sink into the smell of home baking just sounds amazing but I am going to hate melting that cute face. I have never used any of the glitter bars from lush and this cute goth fairy has been getting rave reviews A bit pricey for such a small item but I am told a little goes a long way. 

I know I said the pumpkin was the last of the Halloween bath bombs I picked up and that's because although the autumn lead comes under the same section I consider it more of a fall product. It isn't spooky but is beautiful and full of colour, More of a musky smell and a promise of yellows and beautiful reds in the bathroom, 

I also picked up a pressie for the Mr as he was complaining of achy muscles and this massage bar promises to soothe those aches away and is rich in cocoa butter a favourite product of his,

Have you been to Lush lately what did you get?

How Quitting Smoking Benefits Your Beauty

For a lot of people, having to quit smoking can be quite a difficult task but for those who are successfully able to leave their bad habit behind, they not only get to enjoy a number of health benefits but become more attractive looking too. A number of toxins that are found in combustible tobacco cigarettes cause the premature aging of the skin by affecting its elasticity. When you stop smoking, your skin starts to recover from the negative effects brought by such toxins which ultimately make you look more attractive. You will also notice your eyes getting brighter, lips getting prettier, nails and hair getting shinier, and life getting better!

Why do we find it hard to quit smoking?
Combustible tobacco smoking is equally a physical and mental addiction. According to a survey, out of 10 people who smoke on a regular basis, 7 are always trying to quit but fail because of their nicotine addiction or the fear that they will not be functioning normally throughout their day. The best way to quit smoking is to reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke per day. A lot of people switch to e-cigarettes which offer varying amount of nicotine that can help a user to cope up with his nicotine addiction while gradually reducing its intake.

Younger and healthier skin
A person’s skin is a mere reflection of his food and beverage consumption. Same effect smoking has on an individual’s skin, hair and teeth. Heavy smokers can be identified by discolored teeth, skin, and nails, and their hairs also seem to be lifeless which make them look a lot older than they actually are. Smoking affects collagen s in the skin that maintain the elasticity of the skin cells, leaving the smokers with an inelastic, saggy, and lifeless skin. Once you quit smoking, your skin starts to freshen up, your complexion improves, and your skin starts to look fresh and healthy because of the proper supply of nutrients and oxygen. A lot of health experts also link heavy smoking to hand eczema and people who are at risk of developing atopic eczema, smoking can have an intense negative effect on their condition.
Brighter and shinier eyes
Heavy tobacco smoking causes the redness of eyes because of the exposure to a number of toxins and irritants. People who suffer conditions like dry eyes, hay fever and other eye allergies should even avoid passive smoking that can badly irritate the external lining of their eyes. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants can replenish the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body whose absorption stops because of heavy smoking.  
No more yellowish teeth
Nicotine that is found in combustible tobacco cigarettes causes the staining and yellowing of the teeth and nails which make a person very unappealing. A number of gum diseases and oral infections are also linked to heavy smoking. Your oral hygiene will improve, and your teeth and gums will become healthier as soon as you’d quit smoking.
Get More Energetic
As soon as you quit smoking, your blood flow starts to improve and so does you lung capacity which increases by 10%. You will be able to breath, walk, and run a lot easier. After 9 months of quitting, the oxygen levels in your blood will be high enough to engage in vigorous activities like playing football. Your performance at work will also increase because of the high supply of oxygen to your brain that improves concentration.
Healthier sex life
A survey that was conducted a couple of years ago indicated that non-smokers are considered to be three times more attractive as compared to people who smoke. You start to look attractive and smell better once you quit smoking. Smoking also affects the sexual organs and quitting can result in stronger erections in men and greater orgasms in women as the sensitivity of their erogenous zones increases. Sperm count in men and fertility in women is also noticed to increase after quitting.
Stronger sense of smell and taste
A number of harmful chemicals that are found in combustible tobacco cigarettes dull the senses of smell and taste in an individual who smokes on a regular basis. Once you’d stop smoking, your sense of smell and taste will start to work as normal and you will be able to enjoy your food a lot better with your improved senses.
Become stress-free
A lot of studies indicated that the stress levels in people drop as soon as they stops smoking because they do not have to cope with nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms. You might feel an instant relief after lighting up another cigarette but you will be having the same feelings of stress and anxiety in a couple of hours.
How to quit fast?
A lot of people who report quitting cigarettes do that by going cold turkey on their bad habit. But sadly, a lot of us fall back into the vicious cycle because of the craving and missing that hand to mouth sensation that you get from smoking. Another great factor that makes it hard to quit is the nicotine dependency that brings us back to our habit, on our knees. Nicotine gums and patches can help with working out the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and another way that a lot of people prefer these days is switching to e cigs which are now dubbed as a healthier alternative to smoking. The users get to enjoy the same hand to mouth sensation along with a variety of flavors they can experiment with. Electronic cigarettes allow the user to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine and ultimately quitting it without having to deal with any withdrawal symptoms.

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Plastic fantastic with Simply plastics

Hey Cats,

When I am talking plastics I am not about to break into a Mean Girls post, instead I want to talk about something far more creative. A service you didn't even know you needed until right now. I was stoked to find out about Simply Plastics and their service of cutting perspex sheets. If you think I am going crazy let me tell you some of the practical and fun things you may need to use this service for,

Cake Decorations that you can use time and time again. These acrylic sheets are a fantastic way to help create a clean finish for frosting and icing. They are totally food safe and easy to clean for continued use.

At the moment we are on a project to make a playhouse for the little one and were excited to find out that we could get the windows cut from Simply plastics. A much safer and child friendly option than glass windows. Durable and safe as it is completely shatterproof and weather resistant.

you can also get your very own sign made which would be fantastic for an event or wedding. We have been to lots of weddings recently and the table decorations have been cute cut out pieces made of wood but plastic would be just as fabulous and could bring a pop of colour to your table.

Another fun thing you could do is make your own jewellery by getting some interesting shapes and having some friends over for some jewellery making fun. I have lots of acrylic jewellery that I love wearing and again the colours always brighten a day.

what would you use this service for?

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Plus Size Rockabilly Cherry Dress From Dolly And Dotty

Hey Cats,

Recently the lovely vintage inspired brand Dolly And Dotty asked me to review one of their dresses. I was super excited because I always gravitate towards a vintage edge. Plus I had a wedding to go to and wanted to rock the perfect outfit. There was so much to choose from on the site ranging from size 6 to 24. Not only that but the prints come in a range of styles. 

The website is fantastic and really easy to navigate which is so important to an online shopper like me. Staff were super helpful when I made enquirers about a dress that was out of stock and I wasn't left waiting long for it to come back in stock at all. I love that you can choose a print like floral, polka dot or cherry to narrow down the dress choices. 

I knew straight off I wanted a cherry dress and had at least 6 different styles to choose from all with a classic vintage edge. In the end I chose the cherry Sophie as I just adore the halter style with  a sweetheart neckline and a full skirt. The print was vibrant and pretty and everything I had been looking for after lusting after a cherry dress. I sized down to a 20 as this dress comes with the elastic backing panel which means it actually has lots of room. Dare I say I could even have sized down again but the fit was totally comfortable. So I do think that ladies above a 24 would be able to wear this style dress. 

The dress is fantastic quality for the price tag of just £29.99 and I have washed and worn it several times with no colour run or fade. 

I felt like a vintage queen when I rocked up to the wedding and even though I was in the dress all day I wasn't in a rush to get out of it when I got home. Often when I wear halternecks because of my ample bosom I find that I can end up with a sore neck but the tie fabric was soft and wide so didn't rub or pull in any way. 

The skirt is very full and would look gorgeous with a black or red petticoat but is still full and glamorous without. I want to get my hands on a red petticoat to rock with it next. Dolly and Dotty do stock petticoats and even hair accessories too. I have my eye on some hairbands and another dress that I may treat myself to in pay day. 

Have you bought anything from Dolly and Dotty?