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A to Z Of Inspirational Women...H is for

It has been a while I am bad I know! Lets get back into the swing of the A-Z of inspirational women. For any new readers you can catch up on old posts by using the tag. OK then doll face lets jump right into H.

As always I am ever enthused by women in art so lets start with  A woman who's art work I have admired. The original vagina woman Hannah Wilke. Sadly she is no longer with us but her art lives on. Dynamic in working with photography, video and performance pieces. Hannah did a lot of feminist focused work. Rising in the swinging 60s with her vulva sculptures addressing the beauty of women.

In the picture you can see how this work progressed when she combined the sculptures with photography and body art. It may not seem like it but they are little tiny vaginas made from chewing gum. There are a whole series of these pictures but I particularly like this one as it also has a heavy reference to her Jewish heritage. A woman rich in culture, sexuality and creativity.

I find her work fascinating and there is so much to explore. If you haven't heard of Hannah Wilkes before I urge you to go check out some more of her work and explore how it makes you feel.

A name that isn't honoured enough in the UK is that of the saviour to many Harriet Tubman. Extremely important in American history Harriet undertook 17 missions as a union spy to save seventy families from slavery.

Working hard as an activist for fight for human rights and later in life she became a strong advocate for women suffrage, A true example of women having to fight hard for the vote quoted to have said "I have suffered enough to believe it" on if women should be aloud to vote. Something we all now take for granted and so many ignore this privileged. If only we learnt more about women like this in history lessons.

From one great historical figure to another. The struggle of women in the past has been so strong from slavery, to fighting for equality and then on top of that women had to fight for us to be able to be sexually empowered and do so safely.

Lady Helen Brook noticed that family planning and sexual advice services were only being offered to families and the soon to be married, This left a massive hole of the young population in the sexual 60s not getting the important contraception and screening services. So what did she do? Of course she set up the services herself and now under 25s have Helen to thank when they can get free, confidential, and most importantly non-judgemental advice about sex and contraception In the form of 'The Brook Advisory Centres'.

Another woman who sees what she wants and puts in the work to reach out and get it is the spookily gorgeous Helena Bonham Carter. Who would believe that she actually had no acting experience at all and instead won a writing competition and used the winnings to get a profile on an acting database. She worked her way up quickly. Mega kudos points for being in the brilliant 'Absolult fabulous'.

Helena is known for her kooky roles and dark style. In a glamorous world of Hollywood Helena is a Gothic dream come true. When I think of a lot of the films I love you can bet she is probably a part of them...Fight Club, Big Fish, Corpse bride and this year she will be acting in a film honouring the suffragette movement. I am so excited to see how the film is going to turn out.

My last H may not be everyone's cup of tea but for my riot sisters out there you may have come across Honey Bane. I will leave you with some of her music...not bad for a punk girl who broke onto the scene at just 14.

Did I miss any H?

Showing Some #PSbloggerlove For Channelling Liz

Hey Dolls! Today is a special day because all around social media and blogs I hope you will spot the hashtag #PSbloggerlove. Blogging isn't just about one view, countless outfit of the day posts and me ranting away. There is a huge sense of community that comes with it, especially in the plus size blogger world. We have groups we chat in, events we go to and most of all work together to build each other up. I have chatted before about getting to meet a few of these babes or you may have spotted me taking part in a mutual challenges. As part of a secret matched spread the love challenge a number of plus size bloggers will be sharing the love on a fellow blogger. How awesome is that? Now lets get to the point I want to introduce you to the fiercely fabulous Channelling Liz!

I have to admit I haven't even had the pleasure of talking to this lovely lady before although I do follow her blog. A woman after my own heart she is an avid Primark shopper and a lover of bargains. Yet she manages to make Primark look pretty damn amazing. Just check out her effortlessly edgy, casual chicness in this super cute outfit.

I really love Mary's style she isn't afraid to wear bold beautiful prints but can even rock joggers and a crop top. Over on her blog you can find a versatile mix of casual and foxy outfits and some seriosly amazing hair. Can we just take a minute to appreciate how fierce this lady looks here and hello brow envy! You can even find a tutorial on how to get your brows this on point *takes notes*,

Killer style aside Channelling Liz is a real open and welcoming read. I feel like Mary opens up her heart and lets us share on her body confidence journey. So honest and real that you really appreciate why amazing blogs like this are so important to be out there. In a world of heavily edited pictures I love the selfies and outfit posts. The more I read of her blog the more I want to get to know this fantastic woman. How could I not she went to Berlin and I freaking love Berlin.

So if you want to read about body confidence, chic style and general awesomeness get those peepers over to Channelling Liz.

How awesome is this lady? Have you spotted any more #Psbloggerlove today? 

Saving Money With Nutmeg

If you are anything like me seeing money sitting in your saving account can be so tempting. Especially when you see that oh so perfect dress you just have to have....that sits in your wardrobe for a good while gathering dust. With the economy slowly getting better by the day (*fingers crossed*), it's time for us to all start thinking of a more savvy way to save money. After all who said that saving money had to be boring?

Have you ever thought about investing? errm no that is for rich people right?...Well actually no it's not! I was so surprised to find out that there are actually platforms out there that help regular people with a little bit of savings invest in real businesses and opportunities. If you have as little as £1000 sitting in an ISA or savings account Nutmeg can open you a portfolio. It may seem really daunting at first but they have a great way of helping choose investments for you. You can even choose what level of risk you are willing to take. I would probably start low and then when I see what they can do think about raising that risk level a bit.

Imagine the excitement of seeing your investments grow and learning more about easy investments and how to make your money work for you. If you are a little unsure you can even sign up for free and have a look what they have to offer before making any decisions. You can even invest using a tax fee Isa. Check out this cute and informative video and visit the Nutmeg website to find out more.

Have you heard of Nutmeg or thought about investing before?

Hell Bunny Forever Dead Dress Zombie Pin Up #OOTD

The other day I told you all about my night at Circus Of Horrors. What I didn't tell you was what I wore! I thought the fashion fans among you would appreciate the outfit getting it's own spotlight. I actually won this dress from the gorgeous Agoraphobic Fashionista. I couldn't believe my luck when she generously ran a competition along with Tiger Milly to win a Hell Bunny Dress. When I won I actually let out a little squeal. You may remember way back on this wish list I had my beady eye already on a dress. So it was super easy for me to wade through all the amazing dresses to choose the Hell bunny forever dead dress. Zombie pin ups on a dress ? Yes please! So this is what I wore...

Dress Forever Dead - Hell Bunny - Tiger Milly
Faux fur coat- Thrifted

I went for a 4x and I am a 20-22 I should have sized down to a 3x and this is pretty big on me and would easily fit up to a 24-26. There is an elasticated back which makes it very generous. Also being a halterneck it is suitable for most bust sizes but be careful as sometimes being busty I find that a halterneck can hurt the back of my neck if I don't tie it carefully so that the knot isn't constantly rubbing. The skirt is so full on Hell bunny dresses and I am wearing a tulle petticoat underneath to take full advantage of this. Just look at how awesome this print is, The gore-gous zombie pin ups and little swallows, hearts and stars really make this dress cute and alternative. I am really influenced by psychobilly styles so this rocks my world.

The quality of the material is fantastic really thick but still light, so you don't feel like you are carrying the world in one dress and makes it more wearable. I would have happily paid £44.99 for the dress as it is brilliant quality as I find all my Hell Bunny dresses to be.

I got this awesome black faux fur swing coat from a local vintage shop. I paid £10 for 2 coats so this was just £5 and an epic find. If I had looked at the label it said medium but the best thing about fashion is learning to make sure you judge for yourself but most of all try the damn thing on. It is really comfy and not too thick like some faux fur coats can be but I thought it complimented the dress. You do really have to have a good mooch through the rails though so thrifting and vintage shopping is a patient game.

Underneath my luscious coat I rocking a Voodoo Vixen cardigan which I bought from Simply be. This one is no longer available on the site or on Voodoo vixens but you can find lots of other cute cardigans on Simply Be. Personally I bought too but find them too expensive for my cheap ass. I mentioned in the Kitty dress review that the kitty one didn't wash very well but this one wasn't as bad it kept it's shape and I guess as it was black the colour wasn't as much of an issue. The sleeves are nice and long and the fabric is so soft so it is decent quality but for £40 I want it to last me a good while,

I felt like a zombie princess all evening in this dress and it has become a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I feel so blessed to have won this from a fellow blogger. I have since noticed you can also get this design in a skirt and also in a shirt.

What do you think of this dress? Have you got your eye on a Hell bunny item?

Circus Of Horrors - Night Of The Zombie

Ever since I was a teenager I saw posters for Circus of Horrors but never really got round to going to see a show. So on a whim when it came up on 'Group-on' that Circus Of Horrors would be in Wolverhampton and with a name like Night of the Zombie I just had to go. At £11 a ticket it was a pretty good deal so me and the Mr and four of our mates figured we would all check it out. This is what I had hoped to expect.

Going to Wolverhampton was a blast from the passed as I spent a lot of my teen years there with the same mates at gigs and generally bouncing around town. I even went to University there and lived there for a year. I hadn't been back in some time so the nostalgia was nice. We popped into the Giffard Arms for a few drinks but as there had been a football match on it was rammed. If you haven't been to the Giffard it is a little rock club decked out with coffin tables, a huge throne and even gothic named toilets. I couldn't resist a cheeky selfie. When it isn't rammed there is a nice atmosphere and it is a fun place to listen to some metal and even have a little dance.

The show was at Wolverhampton Civic having only been to gigs there before I was curious if we would be seated or standing. Especially since we had all ordered our tickets at different times and wanted to sit together the joys of Group on meant we didn't get these details but then we did only pay half the ticket price. There were seats but very squished together and despite the ticket numbers it seemed everyone was on a free for all. Being the classy adults we are wanting a drink we were in the que at the bar so ended up at the near the back like naughty school kids.

We couldn't hear or see what was going on at all. The sound was awful which I think is more down to bad venue than the performers.Which is a real shame because some of the tricks you miss out if you are not close to the stage. Seeing a woman squish herself into a small space would fill me with awe if she wasn't just a blur. I would love to see the show again only in a smaller more intimate venue. The atmosphere was pretty cool and the ring master if you will was the mirror image of Nosferatu. Major points for that alone from me. The highlight for me and one of my besties Lolly was the aerial performers, Holding yourself up so high takes amazing strength not to mention it must be terrifying.

There is no doubt that the performers are a very talented and hard working team but sadly because we couldn't hear or see properly we left not long after half time. We were promised zombie attacks which being at the back would have kept us entertained, the gore hounds we are we awaited these but they never came. Also being told when I can go get snacks or drinks just annoyed me. I am an adult if I want overpriced peanuts just sort it out. I get that you don't want people disrupting the show but Miss jobsworth I am standing right here and it may entertain me if I can't hear the show. The civic has been an amazing venue for bands but I am not so sure I will rush to see any non music acts there anytime in the future. That being said we had a laugh, marvelled at the talent and then went to the pub.

Have you been to see Circus of Horrors? Which show did you see and what did you think?

Fight Censorship With Music Freedom Day

Happy music freedom day!

Music is something we hear every day. I am extremely passionate about music and always in awe of the creativity and talent it can unleash. Music freedom day is not only an international celebration of expression but also a time to show solidarity and support to musicians all over the world who are censored and even prosecuted for speaking out. I am not just talking about Eminem not being able to cuss before watershed but real injustice that happens still to this day all over the world. Living in a western society we can often be ignorant to the suppression of an art form that is meant to be free from restriction.

It was breaking news when the female punk band Pussy Riot were thrown into prison for performing in a Cathedral. I had hoped this would open the door to the global injustice but yet press often do not give these issues the time of day. To celebrate music and fight injustice lets explore together with FreeMuse just a taste. Here is a video they put together with some artists.

 Music has not just been a tool for passing time and entertainment but also to empower communities in times of hardship. Musicians were sent out to bring up the spirits of troops in the wars and many cultures share the common ground of music at celebrations or times of need. We all do it too...remember that bad break up when you listened to that one song on a loop? Juts imagine a world without music, expression is a human right we need to fight for. What is happening right now in the world that we need to be aware of? Where do I start? Lets look at how you and I can help. FreeMuse help put together and promote campaigns that can really make a difference to freeing incarcerated and bound artists.

Moroccan rapper Abdul Mou'men Al Shualbi wrote and released a track in which he spoke out about the corruption of the Moroccan police force and it's violence on fellow citizens/ He was later arrested and is still imprisoned for speaking his mind. Police crimes have been something rappers have spoke out about for generations and there is no actual crime against crisitisng police work and instead they have arrested him on false drug charges.

“Criticising the police in a rap song is not a crime. Al Shuaibi should never have been arrested and sentenced in the first place,” said Freemuse Executive Director Ole Reitov. “The Moroccan appeal court must stop postponing the appeal hearing and release Al Shuaibi immediately.”

Another rapper this time in Cuba was arrested for airing his political views. If everyone was arrested for criticising politicians I am sure every one of us would be in a jail cell right now. El Dkano was arrested under the grounds of an dangerousness that could lead to a crime, He has been sentenced to a year in prison. It is not just rappers who have been censored and imprisoned freemuse work with artists who have had their instruments burned, had their lives put in danger and their art destroyed.

To find out more about Music Freedom Day and Freemuse check out their website and support the amazing work they are doing. You can find more campaigns, interviews and videos. Next time you are dancing to your favourite song remember how privileged you really are and don't take music for granted.