Yours Clothing Comes To Birmingham Bullring

I was so excited to hear that Yours Clothing would be opening up a store on my doorstep. They have been opening new shops all over the country over the last few months which is an amazing step for plus size fashion. To hear they would be opening a store in the Bullring in Birmingham was just awesome. I know I already have a store a stone throw away at The Merry Hill centre but I shop in Birmingham more. Plus with the decreasing Inspire section in new look and a hidden Evans for the second biggest city we needed a new plus size fashion shop.

If you were lucky enough to make it first thing to the opening the first 50 people through the door were treated to a goodie bag! One super lucky person would find a £50 voucher in their bag. Sadly I had to work so went down to check it out on another day. If you haven't got a store by you yet sign up to the newsletter to keep updated so you can go to an opening and get your hands on a goodie bag. I love Yours Clothing already and always keep my eye on the website. I have been to the Merry Hill store before where I picked up an awesome pleather skater skirt and a really cute belt that I wear to death.

The shop is packed with choice! Although it looks tiny from the outside it is a magical fashion tardis. The layout is really open plan and there were a reasonable amount of people there in my visit but none of the awkward bumping into each other that you can get in some places. Even though there seemed to be never ending choice the store didn't feel cramped and cluttered. I really dig that the store is windowless and you can get up close to the mannequins for a good look if you want to. It makes you just want to walk in. The displays are beautifully put together and there are lots of cute body positive quotes on the walls to help you feel empowered and happy because lets face it shopping can be stressful especially when you just can't find that dress you need!

As I am always working Internet shopping on the go can be really good for me, but now I have no excuse with this store on the way to work. I have actually been looking for some work clothes as I have some really important meetings coming up with the relaunch of our youth media and social action company. Online I didn't even take a second look at these items but in store they won my heart. I love how fresh and easy to wear they look but another bonus to not being online is you can feel how fantastic the quality of the clothes is. I will be popping back to try these on come payday as I seem to avoid shirts online because it is a nightmare getting the sizing right. These two were definitely my pick of the day.

A reasonable sized shoe section packed with tempting wide calf boots and just look at those leopard print ankle boots. I am convincing myself that with a chunky heel like that they are very wearable. If you read on a regular you will know I have a slight addiction to leopard print. There were some beautiful black knee high boots as well which will be great for winter. Again I never buy shoes offline because sometimes I am a 6 sometimes a 7 annoyingly depending on the shoe.

There is a massive range in the store and something for all ages, sizes 14-36 and if you fall in love with something but they are out of your size they will get it in for you! The staff are so friendly. I always find the customer service in yours is amazing, they are really helpful and you feel from like you are having a chat with your friend who can give you advice and encourage you to try the clothes out. There is a good selection of cosy bed wear or if you are more into sexy for the boudoir they cater for these underwear needs too.

There is a choice of pretty underwear too. Just look at that purple baby doll! I need this in my life I am sure my boo would agree too. Yours Clothing always have beautiful underwear and really flattering sexy baby dolls, and night dresses. This baby doll is high on my wishlist for sure.

In all I am a little bit in love with the new store and I may just have to move in and live among the array of faux fur coats, leopard print boots and pretty dresses. Do you have a Yours Clothing by you? What do you think of it?

#OOTD Star Sruck

I have had this dress a while now and it has quickly become something I wear a lot. I bought it from another blogger but it is originally from Asos.

Dress-Asos  Curve (bought from fellow blogger)

It is so comfortable and easy to wear which is why it has ended up being a firm favourite. I find I feel really confident in this as it nips in slightly at the waist and flows out a little. It is plenty stretchy, so even on those not so great days when you feel sluggish it can be a bit of a pick me up. The cute star pattern means the rest of the outfit can be really simple. RIP to the creepers which have been awesome but binned now. Roll on new pair. As if I need an excuse to buy shoes?

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment?

Wednesday Wishlist All About Dresses

I have been super broke lately but it doesn't stop me window shopping and so it seems fitting to bring a wishlist to you lovely readers this week.

This dress is gorgeous and it is definitely "all about the body language" in making it look fierce as hell. Made to measure by Kookie boutique she stocks all kinds of shapes and fabrics which will have you wanting to sell your soul. If you love the diva that is Ursula as much as me then this dress is just singing out to be worn. Rock your Disney Villain is that Cruella I spot darrrrling? Break out the faux fur coat! 

Kookee boutique also brings us horror glamour that even Elvira would break out of her trademark black dress for. I love the cut of both of these dresses for sheer glamour and sex appeal. Now I have nowhere glamorous to go right now but hell with the return of The Walking Dead coming up I could parade around my house and pretend to be at an exclusive opening party. Ok so maybe I should move onto some dresses that could be worn more often. 

Voodoo Vixen have recently introduced a plus size range and two dresses on there have bowled me over. I love this emerald and lace dress nicknamed penny. It looks so classy and luxurious for an affordable price. 

Again from Voodoo Vixen how beautiful is Tilly. I love the mint green colour with the blues and pinks. I usually HATE floral with a passion but this dress is just so beautiful and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. My only worry is the button front as they can tend to gape if like me you are blessed in the boob department. 

There you go 4 very different dresses from two different retailers one more pricey but made just for you and the other more affordable but just as special, Which dress is your favourite? 

Glossybox September ....What did I get?

You were lucky enough to see my mug for the last Glossybox post but I thought for now I would go back to written form and you can tell me which you prefer. This month box was designed by Karen Millen which makes a change from the usual pink boxes. Check it out.

I love the dripping effect that comes down the sides of the box and how all the big London monuments have been captured. As always the products were beautifully wrapped in tissue and ribbon.

These are the first products that caught my eye.

L'Oreal Professionnel - Mythic Masque - A hair masque which will revive and nourish hair. This is for all hair types. I use a lot of hair masques so this is a great product for me which I can't wait to try out. It smells beautiful and is a generous 75ml sample. The full sized 200ml product retails at £15.50. This one is Glossybox's fave product.

Vichy - Normaderm Night Detox & Hydrating Care- I am just about to try a new skincare routine so this sample could be good for me. Especially as it helps deal with adult blemishes, sadly I have had a lot lately so hopefully these 3ml samples will give me a day or two worth of use. The full size products are usually 50ml for day RRP £12 and 40ml for night RRP £15.50

Skinpep - Enzyme & Acid Peel & Peeling gel- This luxury skincare product is for exfoliating and helping achieve soft, bright skin. I love the sound of the pineapple and papaya extracts. I am excited to use this as I love peel masks. These are a one use sample. The full size product comes in at a massive £89.99 for 180ml. This also comes with a sample of their eye cream which is to help reduce dark circles. Age and lack of sleep means I am well up for this product.

Nails Inc- Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat- A full sized product sample woo! This is said to be award winning. Helps achieve a matte finish for nail varnishes and also help stop them from chipping. I am the queen of chipped nails. RRP £12.

ModelCo - More Brows Fibre Gel- Another full sized product. For fuller thicker brows using a brush on gel formula. I will be right on this once I have neatened my brows. RRP £14.95

An interesting box. I was happy to get some skincare products as my skin has been a nightmare recently so could use a new boost. I will let you know how I get on. Did you get anything different in your Glossybox?

Ani Difranco Glee Club Birmingham

After squealing about how excited I was to see Courtney Love a month or so again the opportunity to please my teenage self came up when I saw that Ani Difranco was touring. I literally screamed the house down with joy and snapped up tickets straight away. I have been listening to Difranco since way back when I was in school. She is one of my all time inspiring musicians as you may have noticed from her making it into the A-Z of inspirational women.

So last Wednesday the day finally came my tummy turning with excitement and full of delicious bubble tea, I waited in the que for Glee club. Yep, you read that right Ani Difranco was playing a tiny venue. The show could almost have been missed if I had not randomly looked to see who Glee club had on comedy wise, I am a lil ashamed to admit that I didn't even know Glee club hosted live music despite it being on my doorstep.

As the venue is so small you are literally an arms reach away from the performers, While I was standing front row eagerly waiting, the support band hit the stage. 2 awesome women from London who had been lucky enough to accompany Difranco in her European tour. A very sharply dressed cello player who had the coolest hair and oozed talent by the name of Mikatsiu. Vocals and guitar came in the form of a witty and funny Shabsi Mann. I only wish I had picked up the EP as they are not plastered all over you tube which in some ways is refreshing, but now I can't listen to the experimental/folky/rock stylings. Two tracks really stuck out to me one being about being so broke all you have to give someone is your time and another about a road in London featuring Kangaroos. Both were really up beat and it was really awesome to hear the combo of cello and guitar with no drums. Shabsi handled a cheeky guy in the crowd who thought it would be funny to try and hold a conversation, she was polite and engaging with a smile on her face and a wink in her eye, I really recommend checking out these kick ass babes at a place near you.

Thanks to Jerry Turner for this picture

Ani came on to stage with the biggest smile on her face and it didn't leave at all she just radiates happiness and seemed just thrilled to be in our company, As we were all so close it just felt so much more like we were hanging out and she was really talking straight to us. A bundle of energy from start to finish playing an amazing hour and a half set. In true rock star style she changed guitar almost every song for the first 6 songs but was so humble and real that it didn't feel pretentious at all. With an amazing bass player who treated us to an extraordinary solo on his double bass and a cool cat for a drummer, you could feel the real passion for their music seeping off the stage and into our ears. At several points in the show Ani even super glued her actual nails back on. Not complaining just making a joke about the joys of being a plucker, That there ladies and gents is a real musician.

One of the things I love about Ani is she says it like it is and it isn't about how she looks or what she is wearing. She looked effortlessly beautiful in no make up and comfortable clothes. A real feminist icon chanted about slut pride and just exploring who you are as a person without the guilt society implies you should have. Difranco is not only funny and warm but a fierce fireball of bouncing energy. Comparing herself to a chipmunk playing a mix of old and new tracks. My only regret is not being able to stick around to try and say hi due to having to leg it for the last bus. In all it was an beautifully intimate but energetic show that surpassed my expectations despite them already being massively high. Ani please come back to the UK soon and when she does if you miss her you are a fool

Check out some footage taken by a fellow fan <3
What gig blew you away lately?

#FridayFright Reanimated

Happy Friday Fright everyone! Mr Kaos here, the gorgeous Kitty is busy writing you lovely lot some awesome new posts so has graciously let me host this edition of Friday Fright! This is my first ever blog post so please bare with me! With that in mind lets all take a deep breathe and begin!

As the title subtly hints at this Friday Fright's blog is all about the horror re-make. So what happens when Hollywood turns Herbert West and tries to inject some new life into the blood soaked silver screen of yesteryear?

The late seventies and early eighties heralded golden age for the horror film, with censorship loosening and the new and exciting invention of the slasher flick, some of the biggest blockbusters of the decades belong to the genre. When Friday nights were reserved for date night, curious and excited couples would pack theatres for the latest blood bath! Get scared, hold your baby tight and enjoy the rush! Not a new concept I know, it's reminiscent of the '50's American drive-in cinema, new and edgy films for hormonal teenage couples looking for new kicks. With that in mind it shouldn't surprise you the first wave of horror remakes were rehashed versions of '50s B movies (The Blob, The Thing, The Fly), now in colour with added splatter!

But what now? How do major studios cater to the fright fans of a new era? Home media and seemingly endless supply of TV channels have hardened the generations to what was once considered shocking. How has a big budget and a new wave of special effects treated some of our favourite horror films? Here's a few select cuts from Hollywood's "Nu-horror cinema".

First on the chopping block is the 2010 version of I Spit On Your Grave.  A pretty appropriate remake of Meir Zarchis original video nasty. With it's predecessor championed as one of the most controversial films ever made it's no surprise the remake is an over enthusiastic gore fest. Despite the addition of a corrupt sheriff the already sparse script and plot of the original is stretched even further to accommodate more elaborate death scenes. Gratuitous bloodshed takes centre stage in what appears to be Steven.R.Monroe trying to appease the SAW generation with a hip new portrayal of one of the nastiest movies ever made.

Next up Alexandre Ajar 2006 reworking of Wes Cravens The Hills Have Eyes is a loving homage to the original with added extras! It's an almost shot for shot replica of the original with an expanded script and glossier camera work. With no spoilers all I can say is the back story of the menacing cannibal family is built upn with a slick script twist and an additional scene in the middle of the feature. Although the film is well executed the characters seem a little two dimensional, with the main protagonists seeming a little too all American, A little too clean cut and a little too generic.

Finally billed as Rob Zombie's Halloween this movie lets you know from the start it's a new directors interpretation of an others work. John Carpenters original is one of the highest grossing and praised films of the horror genre, so it made sense that Zombies version was more of a re-imagining. Beautifully shot and scored, the first half of the film is a short prequel exploring Micheal Myers childhood and development into one of cinemas most notorious psychopaths, while the latter part of the film does a bloody good job at retelling the original film. The movie's a fright fans geeky dream! With subtle winks to the Carpenter original (as well as Zombie's previous works) and appearances from cult cinema stars along with Rob's regular roster of performers the casting seemed spot on. Even though we've seen these actors previously in some incredibly strong roles the characters are well developed enough to cover this. As a film in it's own right it would be brilliant but sadly lacks the tension and suspense of it's predecessor.

With that I think it brings it to the tragic curse of the remake! Can a remake ever truly outshine the original? Especially in the horror genre, with a hardcore fan base of loyal gore hounds, blood junkies and terror fiends, cinema fans don't get more passionate!  (Shit, you don't weekend film festivals celebrating rom coms do ya?) The films I've mentioned are a small fragment of a massive surge of remakes, prequels, and re-imaginings, with every big name (Friday 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare On Elm Street) being tampered with by major studios and redesigned for a new audience. Many of these films, like Zombies Halloween , are good films by their own merit but, with comparisons obviously going to be drawn to some of people's favourite films, just can't step out of the shadows of their originals.
Remake cartoon

That about wraps it up Fright fans! So chat back with your opinions! Is there anything you think that's crying out for a remake? Or are there films Hollywood shouldn't touch? With all these remakes has Hollywood ran out of ideas?! And most importantly.....How'd I do?

Thanks for reading creeps!

I Feel Good - September

Feeling good isn't always about looking perfect, it is also about embracing those imperfections too. My skin hasn't been the best lately and with the fire at work and rebuilding a whole business while juggling upset young people stress has been high. Still this is all about those days when you wake up and for some reason you just think...Yeaaaa I am feeling pretty damn good today. So here is my picture from this week.

Check out the other feel good bloggers at

Maybelline Hot Plum 906 Lipstick For The Pink Lady

Is it just me or do you get in a make up funk sometimes? I find myself sometimes using the same old products. When I put my awesome pink dreads in for Boomtown festival it gave me an excuse to try out a new lipstick. I have always been a red lips kind of grrrl so I jumped out of my comfort zone after trying the magic lipstick by Barry M and thought lets go brighter.I picked super fast and just went on colour alone. I picked out Maybelline Hot Plum 906.

The packaging is a lovely red and silver and I like the fact that the lipstick container is squared. It makes it really easy to find in my make up bag and stays looking clean. If you are really stuck the top if the lid is mirrored so can be used to apply lipstick if you can't get to a mirror. Genius idea for checking after meals or drinks.

This range is called the colour sensational vivid lipsticks. Named so because of the vivid colour pigmentation. The colour is so bright but in a beautiful way rather than being too in your face which some lipsticks can come off as. The colour stays bright too and doesn't fade through the day. i did find that as with most lipsticks I had to re apply after food.

My only issue that even though it stays on it can start to feel a bit dry through the day so best applied with a lip primer. If you don't have any use a little bit of foundation. They claim that honey extracts keep lips nourished but I think it drys my lips a bit so use a good lip scrub or balm after wearing for the day but I am not much of a day to day lipstick wearer.

Overall I was really pleased with the colour and I don't mind that it needs a top up in the day if I can get great colour. I am tempted to get some more of their lovely range of colours. They are buy one get second half price at Superdrug at the moment. Bargain calls. 

Kelly Brook With Simply Be Verdict

When I heard that Kelly Brook would be working with Simply be on a line of clothes I was really excited. I envied a few items from the New Look collection, so to hear she would be working in bigger sizes was awesome. Today after only a few sneak peeps the collection has been launched on the Simply Be website.

The range has a range of 12 items. Although it claims the clothes come in a size 10 to 32 there are only 4 items that go over a 26. This is  unfair on ladies who have been lusting after the previews, only to be find they wont be stocked in their size. Check out the lovely Debz opinion on the sizing here.  Debz makes a valid point so come on Simply Brook I am sure you can make the rest of the range available for the full size bracket.

Sizing aside out of the 12 items there are actually 5 that I totally dig and would wear but mainly 2 which are screaming for me to buy them. Although the other items are really pretty they are just not up my street.

First lets talk about this lush jacket. I am such a leopard print whore and have been looking for a smart jacket that I can wear for work that isn't boring. I have a feeling my prayers have been answered with this as it looks so classy but with a hint of my tacky diva side. I am hoping that the leopard on the collar draws attention away from the shoulders as for some reason when I try jackets like this I seem to look a bit too boxy and walk away sulking. *Fingers crossed* This will be a different story.

I love the fact it nips in at the waist a bit and only has one button. I hate fiddling around with buttons. This is one of the items that goes the full size 10-32 and is retailing at £60. So this would have to be a bit of an investment piece that would end up getting pulled out constantly. To buy or not to buy is the question?

The other item that I think is dreamy is this 50s style midi dress. I love the length, the fuller skirt with nipped in waist and the neckline is to die for.  In the words of Ru Paul "I will take one in every colour". Sadly the only colour option is black. I love black but to have this in some other colours too would be a great step to get lots of women out of black and rocking a rainbow. I do however detect the flaw in my argument as both the items I love are black. Woops!

This comes in at a pricer £75.00 ouch! Although for Hollywood Glamour it doesn't come cheap. I can just see me rocking this with a faux fur coat/shall in the winter months.

This is a classic shape that can be found in lots of dresses though so a black dress in a classic shape isn't really stepping out too far into the crazy world of fashion.

In all I was a bit underwhelmed after all the excitement. I think this had the potential to be the next ripple of excitement in the plus size fashion world since Beth Ditto;s Evans range. We definitely need more Ditto in our life. It is pretty expensive compared to the range that she did with New Look where I remember seeing a beautiful 50s style wiggle dress for £24.

Have you had a look at the range? What did you think?

City Of Colours Birmingham Street Art Festival

Saturday was the launch of the City Of Colours festival in Birmingham, celebrating art in the city.

For regular readers you will know I have raved about the talented artists that adorn Birmingham streets. If you missed it you can check out posts about it HERE, HERE and HERE. Graffiti has been an art form that has fascinated me since I was little and it is finally time that street artists are getting more recognition. Birmingham has always had an excellent scene for art and you only need to take a walk around Digbeth to feel like you are walking through an urban gallery. When I saw City Of Colours being promoted on Kickstarter I knew it was something I wanted to support. Finally Saturday came and the festival was here. Kickstarter promised not only artists but food, music and all for free entry!

The main bulk of the festival was taking place in The Custard Factory which is home to many creative enterprises, for normal day to day you can roam around shopping at anything from record shops to retro salons but from time to time the whole of the complex gets opened up to host big events. Another amazing one to check out at Custard Factory is Drop Beats Not Bombs keep an eye on the event listings page for vintage fares and live events. Having been a regular at Custard Factory events for some time my expectations were pretty high. You can get to Digbeth in just a short walk from all of the city centre main train and coach stations. Just a stone throw from the Bullring shopping centre.

Birmingham is bursting with amazing art and music and this festival is great for the city. Promotion was fierce as I even picked up leaflets in Sheffield and heard about it from lots of different people, so the promotion team really got a buzz going. City of colours gives Birmingham a chance to prove that there is more to it than Lenny Henry, headless bats and a shopping centre. Young people were encouraged to take part in the festival by either volunteering or taking part in workshops on the day. Workshops were available in film, break dancing, spoken word and graffiti. As a manager of a youth company inclusion of young people is really important to me. This is something my team would have loved to have used their radio and TV skills for if it wasn't for the fire. 

The festival started at 11am going on until 8pm.We went down around 2pm and there were a lot of people. The crowd was really varied and the atmosphere on most part was really chilled and friendly. As with most art events you do attract your wannabe pretentious people who seem to look down on everyone else but on this occasion thank fully it was neither the artists or the staff, who instead were really approachable and friendly. 

Liskbot can be seen above on the doodle wall. I am a big fan of his work as he has just made me fall in love with his cheeky robots that pop up around Birmingham. As this was in a small area and there were a lot of people coming and going if you weren't in the cafe it was a bit difficult to stand and watch. I meant to go back and check out the finish product but got sidetracked. 

On entry we were given a map which highlighted all the places there would be artists. There were lots of big pieces in the custard factory itself like the one above. I love all the colours and how the circles make planets, stars and a beautiful woman. There was also a DJ in the main forecourt and PST were providing reggae beats under one of the arches but sadly I think it was a bit early as there didn't seem to be much going on by PST I imagine later it picked up but  there was a nice vibe and Caribbean food available to buy. 

In Air night club car park there was some huge pieces being painted but because they were on such grand scale it was a bit impossible to watch without it just being paint drying but as a massive instillation that you could keep revisiting through the day to see the progress. I hope to pop back on the way from work this week and catch the finished piece to share with you lovely lot.

In the Old Crown Car park there was food, live music and several artists working on boards put up for the event. Some were finished, chatting to people and enjoying the atmosphere and some were still working on their pieces, I liked that you could grab some drinks, listen to music and enjoy not only finished pieces but watching work be created in front of you. I spotted some Birmingham regulars such as Thirteen skulls and C3. 

Even the national express coach station got in on the festival action by hosting this beautiful piece below. 

The best thing about a festival like this is even if you missed out on the day you can still have a walk round Digbeth in Birmingham and see some of the pieces. My only regret is not talking to some of the artists who are regulars around Birmingham. I know there was so much more to see through out the day as well as there were over 100 artists taking part. I hope that the festival runs again next year as I imagine it will only get bigger and better. For a full list of artists that took part check out the City Of Colours website. 

What is the graffiti like in your city?

Lush Fresh Seaweed Face Mask Review

I have been feeling a little ill lately and broke out of my skincare routine. So to give me a bit of a kick up the bum and a treat I used my lush gift card to pick up some goodies. One of them had to be one of their lovely fresh face masks. I have used these like a million times but always jump between Cupcake and BB Seaweed. The staff in the Birmingham store are so lovely and I always find myself chatting for way too long. Still it came in handy when I couldn't pick between the two I usually buy. Although the lady did tempt me with a gorgeous looking blueberry mask. When you go in store they always look good enough to eat.

The BB Seaweed face mask uses UK sourced toothed wrack seaweed which has strengthening and revitalising qualities. This seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals which can enrich the skin and keep moisture in, This is combined with Honey, aloe vera and other quality ingredients, non of which are tested on animals. All 21 ingredients with full details of their benefits can be viewed on the Lush website. This is one of the reasons I love to buy from lush nothing is hidden and both instore and online they are really helpful.The honey and the aloe vera make it a really gentle mask that is good for all skin types.

This calming mask is lovely and cold when you apply it because you should be storing it in the fridge. I love being in a hot bath but having a nice cold mask with some cold eye compresses, or if you really want to be old school some cucumbers which are a awesome cheap and natural way to soothe tired eyes. The mask has a thick consistency so goes on really easy and there is plenty in the pot for around 3 to 4 applications if needed. Even better if you want a pamper with some mates or your partner. I found it left my skin feeling really fresh and even a bit more toned. I did apply moisturiser after as well but my skin felt lovely and soft and I really felt relaxed.

It may seem price at just under £7 but you do get a decent amount of applications. It is cruelty free and if you take 5 pots back you get a free mask! So recycling and getting free stuff? winning all around!

Have you tried lush face masks? Which is your favourite?

Carrying The Weight and Nail Varnish Saviors?

You may have noticed in the news yesterday that a young woman from Columbia has rightly so had a lot of attention for her university final art project. Emma Sulkowicz raped by a fellow student in her own bed is speaking out through art.

As part of an endurance performance art piece she will be carrying her dorm room mattress around with her (everywhere) until she no longer shares the same college as her rapist. The mattress being a small symbolism for the weight she has to carry daily since her trust was broken. I found this such a powerful piece I had to share it with you. First hear what Emma has to say about the project.


I find this to be such a brave and empowering piece of both protest and art. Heartbreakingly Emma reported the rape to her college and was left unheard despite the fact that 2 other people had put forward complaints of sexual harassment from the same person. At what point will the college protect it's students? Leaving this act unpunished just means that this person will continue to see nothing wrong with their actions and by ignoring them that makes the college just as bad. Sulkowicz work will hopefully raise awareness of the acts of ignorance in our society to the prolific rape culture that still exists. It will be interesting to follow her work to see how many people help her along the way and for how long she really is left 'carrying the weight'.

Something else that has come to my attention in the media recently is the launch of an anti rape nail varnish. This has caused mass controversy all over twitter and to be honest I have really mixed feelings about it myself. The product was designed by four American male students who devised a nail varnish that enables the wearer to put their painted finger into any drink and be able to detect if there is a date rape drug present. So many women are angered by this and feel the point is being missed that we shouldn't have to protect ourselves from rape, people just shouldn't rape. I completely agree and one woman really summed it up with this comment.

"Do you really, seriously think women can avoid getting raped? Do you think that we haven't been trying hard enough? Is that it?... Why is it easier to wear rape whistles, rape polish, fucking electric bras, text all our whereabouts, don't drink, cover ourselves in armor."

It does seem that this nail varnish can be quickly pushed into the wrong category. Sadly date rape statistics are extremely high especially in college life in the USA. With a scary crazy of date raping women, filming it and passing it around that started a few years ago maybe we do need a product like this on the market. However it doesn't account for the many men that are also raped but then we could argue that all products ha their downfall.

Last but not least for those who haven't heard this poem yet, you need to!

What do you think of Sulkowicz performance piece? Do we need anti rape nail varnish?

Putting The BOOM in Boomtown Fair Festival

I squealed with excitement at you a few posts back HERE because I was off to Boomtown Fair Festival. I went, I saw and I couldn't afford the Tshirt. Time to tell you all about it the highs and the lows.
Picture credit to Boomtown of the awesome festival at night
Boomtown resides in Winchester so it was a bit of a journey. They do provide the option of coaches which me and Neil decided to go with from Sheffield. I have never wished I could drive so much as when we rolled up to lots of 18 year olds only reminding me that I turn 32 next March eek! The coach was really reasonably priced though so it was a fairly easy way to get to the festival. The site does help you out to find car shares if that if more up your street but I think it is awesome they try to find greener ways for festivals to happen.

Part of Mayfair area
The que to go in like all festivals was horrific. I think we were squeezed together for about an hour. So by time we got in we didn't care that we were leaving a trail of super noodles  behind us. (more like we didn't notice the bag had split) . We actually got asked for ID which amused us but once we handed in ticket we got our wrist bands quickly and were through to the festival. On initially getting in from the coach entrance I don;t think there was a a lot of guidance on how to get to the areas that you wanted to. It would have been nicer to have a few stewards but luckily my brother was already camped up. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FESTIVAL aggghh. We dragged ourselves up but cut my thumb open, lost our cups and eventually got there.

You can see how close camping could be. Chinatown!
The cool thing we noticed straight away was that the festival was all blended together. With most festivals I have been to before the music is separated and you have one big arena area where you can't take your drinks and food through. At Boomtown you can camp minutes away from the stages. Careful where you pick though because some areas are more hectic than others. I saw so many people moving tents around the weekend. Reggae is always a good area to camp by because everything is so chilled and relaxed. We were minutes away from the Lions Den reggae stage and only a short walk from all the main action. The camp site was nice and quiet and not so packed you couldn't move.

Pirate stage
This festival is a creative dream come true. So much hard work must have gone into making it a magical place.  There were lots of different areas. Each area had it's own theme and they went all out to enforce it. With characters enticing you into bars or making you complete tasks. We got arrested by the boomtown bobbies and made to walk the plank by pirates 5 minutes within each other! We kept our dignity and gained gold chocolate coins. It seems we were saved by being a couple though as the tasks were more extreme for single people. Phew saved by romance! There are lots of games to take part in across the festival and so much more to do than watching music. There are even hidden activities are bars around. Like grandma's living room which was kitted out exactly as that with lots of men dressed as your gran.

Neil outside Grandma's living room
I can honestly say we saw a lot of the festival but after seeing pictures there was still so much more to discover. We didn't go into the roller disco or see the giant boombox stage. There were workshops in some areas where you could learn to drum or circus skills. Also lots of shops full of tempting goods. Sadly the weather meant we took cover a lot over the weekend and we became regulars in the wild west area.

Our favourite bar
Each area has speciality bars. In the town hall area you can get different specials. In shot gun willies it was wild turkey. Town hall area had a choice of ciders (Black rat was lush) , Pirate area rock rum cocktails and you get the picture. I loved the variation but was really disappointed that despite the website promising availability of pints at £3.80 then becoming £3.70 when you return your cup nothing of the sort existed at all. I gave them benefit of the doubt at first and we tried to return cups and check price lists at many of the bars only to be disappointed, The cheapest drinks were about £4.50 which is a big jump. Had it not been advertised I wouldn't have been that surprised about prices most festivals are expensive especially since you can carry your own drinks all round the fest but don't get my bank balances hopes up. I honestly would have taken more money with me in preparation,
An example of 5 feast crossed off
Another mis-advertisement was the 5 pound feast that were not only advertised on the websites but also in the programme, We went to all the vendor on the list and only about 3 of them had something available for £5 on offer but not what was listed. For example one unnamed vendor was meant to offer cheesy nachos and a drink for £5 but when we asked we were told it was a huge mistake and the vendor didn't even sell nachos. Again this was really disheartening. I realised that a lot of work goes into the festival and the intentions are good but please Boomtown don't advertise things that will not be there.
Awesome hot dog stand
The food variety however was brilliant. From chilli, burritos and nachos to noodles or fried chicken there was something for everyone. We had the lushest hot dogs from Piggie Smalls amazing burritos and on the last day when we were broke the chilli filled and warmed us in the rain.

The spicy hot dog and beer soaked dog both were yummy
The rain did put a bit of a downer on the festival as it made it difficult to get around. My sideburned hero disappeared from the tent one morning to return with hot chocolate and wellies. Yes I was silly enough to go to a festival without wellies! It has been super sunny for weeks. Anyway mega props to my bae for saving the weekend as they got A LOT of use and saved me from being stuck in the mud or even worse sliding down a hill face first. Lesson learnt never go without wellies even if it is mega sunny! Ponchos also saved us which we were wise enough to pack.

Something else that deserves a mega mention is Poonarnia you could pay to use a cleaner toilet which felt like a real dream when you looked in the portaloos. Although even they were cleaned regularly.

The music is so diverse that again there will be something for everyone. We discovered so many new bands over the weekend that I have a whole other post coming for that along with the Boomtown real festival fashion. At first I was sceptical about how the different crowds would mix but the atmosphere is really lovely. Everyone was really friendly and we chatted to a few down to earth people who were having an awesome time. I really recommend this festival to everyone. I would definitely go again but maybe with a bit more cash and a bigger tent.

Have you been to Boomtown or any other festivals?