I Feel Good June

Don't forget about this awesome challenge put together by the awesome Vicky of The Curved Opinion.

So here is a picture where I was feeling good. No effort just feel good vibes.
I went to my Mama's house to find she had rescued a bird. I felt bad actually because it was Mr Theo Noir who had been the one that injured him in the first place. It is time to get him a new bell. Obviously I felt good because not only did we manage to nurse Dafinchy back to health but he was released successfully (Hopefully to not then be eaten by Theo). I love this picture for other reasons though. I have no make up on at all, chipped nails but I am genuinely happy. The huge smile on my face was because I was so amazed. I actually even like my freckles in this picture.

When was a time you felt good recently? Don't forget to check out the other challengers.

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  1. It's a lovely photo of you and what a cute bird, I hope it is now fluttering around somewhere happy and well x

  2. Thank you lovely. I hope so too xx

  3. That is an awesome picture. Dafinchy is the best thing I've heard all day.

    1. Thank you :) Ha my mom came with up with it the nutter. lets hope he is flying free :P xx